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132KV Composite Suspension Insulator with Clevis-Eye for Transmission Line 210kN

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132KV Composite Suspension Insulator with Clevis-Eye for Transmission Line 210kN

Country/Region china
City & Province wuhan hubei
Categories Decorative Film

Product Details

Composite Polymer Suspension Insulator



1.The silicone rubber housing of Composite Suspension Insulator was taken shape by whole injection. It has good hydrophobicity, hydrophobicity migration and soil resistance, as well as excellent electrical insulation properties and aging resistance, which could prevent effectively those accidents of pollution flashover so as to ensure the safe running of high voltage transmission lines.


2. The modified ECR fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin rod is used as it has good resistance to high temperature, stess corrosion & acid attack, as well as fine damping action, high tensile strength (>1200Mpa) and resistance to creep and fatigue failure, which effectively ensure the internal insulation quality and mechanical stength of insulators.


3. End fittings are crimped onto fiberglass rod with voice-operated displacement type crimper.The insulators with this crimping technique have high mechanical strength and small dispersion.Taking the most advanced automatic overall injection moulding technic and connection method of crimping for production and assembling, and the whole crimping procedure controlled by computer and the crimping result monitored by ultrasonic detector to assure each product is qualified.





1. Gray Silicon Rubber for sheds/ housing



2. Glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod (ECR type) for core Rod Diameter:φ24mm



3. Hot Dip Galvanized Forged Steel for Oval Eye, Cast Iron/steel for Clevis.



Electromechanical specifications:
1. Rated voltage:132kV

2. Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage:670KV 

3. Power Frequency Withstand Voltage(Wet1 min):330KV

4. Specified Mechanical Load(SML):210 kN

5. Routine Test Load(RTL):105kN



1. Before dispatched, the goods will be performed routine test and smaple test comply with specified standards. In case damage during the transportation, each one’s sheds and housing will be checked thoroughly. Superficial defects of an area greater than 25 mm² (the total defective area not to exceed 0.2% of the total insulator surface) or of depth greater than 1mm.





1. All composite insulators are packed in weatherproof containers in order to protect the products during land, air, and sea transportation. Several different grades of packaging can be offered depending on the mode of transport and the expected storage conditions. The packaging options that we offer are 1) standard grade/prefabricated packing, 2) economical grade/cardboard carton, and 3) best grade/closed wooden crate. Since the user best knows their crate requirements, they should select the option that is most suited to their needs and include that information in the purchasing specification. Special packaging arrangements can be accommodated upon request.


2. Each container is marked with the number of insulators it contains, the catalog number, the manufacturer’s name, and any other customer requests.


3. Each packing (wooden cases or crates) attached specification and certification of products.




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