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Shanghai Jiadong Industrial Co. Ltd.

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Address: No. 298 Zhanfa Road, Shanghai

Contact name:Tom Sun

Shanghai Jiadong Industrial Co. Ltd.

About Us

  • Shanghai Jia Industrial Co., Ltd. is committed to the cause of human health and environmental improvement. Since the founding of the company since the continuous development and progress, has now become the world's largest supplier of rubber pad designated supplier Nike.

  • Jiadong Training- enjoy unlimited possibilities. Good training: to open a fitness club or sports center to provide full guidance, training services. Even if there is no experience also allows you to shop without worry, worry free.

  • Jiadong design, decoration:Jiadong renowned designers and many years of practical experience can help you easily realize the dream. Fitness equipment, flooring, audio, lamps, mirrors, the impact of your audio-visual, stimulate your nerves. Club design and decoration does not have to run to and fro.

  • Jiadong Finance: Who want to run a club without money? Lending, public offering and other models for you to choose. Hand in hand action, in one fell swoop to solve the problem of your career.

  • Jiadong promotion: What do you most worried about to open the club? Is not the investment is big enough, not enough equipment is not big brand, not the lot is not the best, but built a business enough popularity, can not be successful in order to ensure the smooth operation of the club. Good move promotion to help you. Good on the moving platform with a variety of media has many famous clubs, coaches, referees can not only provide the latest global information and course to share, but also to the club to praise, attract a lot of popularity.


Operation concept

Open cooperation: in order to meet the spirit of the sea and friends from all walks of life win-win cooperation.

Innovation Driven Development: strive to launch new products every month, the sensitive touch with the market changes.

Hard work: down-to-earth, dedicated to every detail.

Quality: quality is the core of all work, quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, not the quality of anything.

Service: sincere service to every customer.

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Company Name: Shanghai Jiadong Industrial Co. Ltd.
City: shanghai
Province: shanghai
Country: china
Address: No. 298 Zhanfa Road, Shanghai