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Steel shot and grits

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Steel shot and grits

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Cast steel shot,Caststeelgrit,Carbonsteelcut wireandStainlesscutwireareusedforpre- treatmentofsteelmaterials,steelboard,steel structure by shot blasting equipments.

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Cast Steel shot In accordance with standards of SFSA20-66Cast Steel Abrasive, SAE J827 Cast Steel
Shot, SAE J1993 High Carbon Steel Grit, YB/T5149-1993 Cast Steel Shot, YB/T5150-
1993Cast Steel Grit,ISO11124-3High Carbon Cast Steel Shot and Grit.

Cast steel grit In accordance with standards of SFSA20-66Cast Steel Abrasive, SAE J827Cast Steel Shot, SAE J1993High Carbon Steel
Grit, YB/T5149-1993Cast Steel Shot, YB/T5150-1993Cast Steel Grit,ISO11124-3High Carbon Cast Steel Shot and Grit.
GP:Angular when new, this grit rapidly rounds off in use and its particularly suited descaling applications.
GL:Although harder then GP steel grit, also loses its sharp edges during shto basting and is particularly suited to descaling and surface
preparation applications.
GH:Having maximum hardness, GH always remains angular in its operating mix. These abrasive are particularly effective in surface
treatment processes and produce a uniform, etched finish, GH angular grit should only be used in wheel machines where working require ments take precedence over cost price considerations (for example with rolling mill cylinders or when a special finish is needed). For use mainly with compressed air equipment.

Cast steel cut wires In accordance with standard of SAE J441”, JB/T 8354-1996Steel cut wire standard
of machinery industry of Republic of China to choose material and manufacture. But
the length and specification have little difference due to recycled steel wire.

Stainless steel cut wire shot is ideal shot blasting and shot peening metal material which is also called stainless steel cut wire shot abrasive, stainless steel shot, blasting abrasive, shot blasting abrasive, blasting material, shot blasting scale-removal abrasive, peening abrasive, grit peening abrasive, grit peening machine abrasive, shot peening scale- removal abrasive, shot peening material, grit peening material, grit peening consum- able, scale-removal abrasive, steel plate preparation abrasive, steel preparation abrasive.

Stainless steel cut wire shot is widely used in shot blasting machine, shot blasting equipment, shot peening machine, shot peening equipment, grit peening machine, steel plate preparation production line, steel structure preparation line

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