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aluminum potassium sulfate

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aluminum potassium sulfate

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aluminum potassium sulfate

Detailed description

  • Alias:Aluminium potassium sulfate dodecahydrateAluminum potassium disulfate dodecahydrate.
  • Molecular formula: AlH24KO20S2/AlK(SO4)212H2O
  • Molecular weight:474.39
  • CAS No:7784-24-9
  • EINECS No:233-141-3
  • H.S.code:2833301000
  • Physical and chemical properties:
  • Density:1.757g/cm3
  • Melting point:92.5℃
  • Solubility:soluble in glycerol and water.
  • Appearance:Colorless crystal or powder, odorless.
  • Application:Used for water treatment agent, and medical, paper industry, leather processing.
ItemunitCriteriaAnalysis resultsconclusion
Aluminium potassium sulfate%99.2min99.5Eligible
Heavy metal(As Pb)%0.002max0.0017Eligible
Water-insoluble substance%0.2max0.15Eligible

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