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Color sorting for salt,optical sorting solution to remove stone and discolor sorter

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Hefei GroTech Color Sorter

Color sorting for salt,optical sorting solution to remove stone and discolor sorter

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GroTech sorting machines find a perfect application even in mineral working plants, to sort materials with granulometry between 0 and 25mm.


GroTech sorting machines analyze product into free fall with customized cameras, exploiting the latest technologies into visible, which, combined with LED RGB broad spectrum or neon (depending on models), allow to achieve an optical resolution of 0.1 mm.


The most precise ejection system, granting up to 2 billion cycles and up to 1.000 shots/second, allows to have concentrated and minimum rejects, even thanks to simultaneous reject resort or reverse-sorting.


Mechanical design and particular accuracy into preventing machine from wearing and external agents influences, make GroTech sorters the most reliable and steady performance machines on market.


If a sorter is required for use on corrosive products, special versions of the sorter can be produced in Stainless Steel 316L.


The wide variety of machinery ranges and configurations allows GroTech to offer models having throughput from 500 kg/h up to 45 ton/h, with possibility of production upgrading even after installation and start-up.


GroTech color sorters are also successful in refined processes such as rock salt and sea salt and offer the best color sorting for salt solution.


Growking color sorters detection system is able to detect minimum differences in color and shade, with an optical resolution of 0.1mm.


Light or dark grey impurities, such as anhydrite, or with light orange and brownish shade, such as sulfur or inert or organic parts, are perfectly detected and sorted with the highest efficiency.


The possibility to foresee a simultaneous reject resort allows to recover good product rejected during the sorting phase, due to the high operating speed.

GroTech sorters grants quality and hygiene safety when sorted salt is destined to food and non-food consumption.

Specification of Salt color sorter

Sorting Accuracy (%)> 99.97>99.97>99.97
Optimized carryover(bad: good)> 8:1>8:1>8:1
Channels preset for primary sorting and re-sorting448:192384:128256:128
Voltage (V)~220(50Hz)~220(50Hz)~220(50Hz)
Power of the main machine (KW)
Air Pressure (MPa)0.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.8
Air Consumption (m³/min)< 3.6<3.0<2.5
Weight (Kg)1100900850
Dimension (L x W x H)(mm)2595×1450×21272043×1410×20401920×1410×2040



optical sorting for salt
Features of GroTech Color Sorter
No matter what type of food you're sorting, removal of foreign material and potentially dangerous matters is critical. That’s why you need impeccable sensor-based sorting technologies. If you are curious about what this technology can do for your sorting task, please contact us.
Sensors are like good eyes. Detection is at the core of sorting. GroTech’s high-tech sensors are like eagle eyes; they see more and are thus able to detect and supply more information.
1,Eagle eye vision color sorting technology, using 16 million colors, brings the best sorting performances
2,GroTech Full-color cameras optical system, with dimensional control of the defects, allows 0.1mm optical resolution
3,image acquisition allows the easy and accurate setting of the defects to remove. Software adjustment is completely automatic thanks to HSV technology
4,Shape-sizing integrated into the system
5,Most concentrated rejects, thanks to customized hi-tech ejectors
6,Highest production capacities, automatically regulated by a feeder control device
7,Possibility to have simultaneous product resort, even with reverse sorting and third sorting.
8,Possibility to add sloping chutes for sorter upgrading or production increase
9,Possibility to install additional cameras operating in NIR after machine installation at working premises
10,Led lighting system which is digital control
11,Automatic cleaning system, with adjustable frequency and duration
12,Tilting optical boxes, to allow an easy internal access for maintenance operations
13,Airtight optical boxes with controlled temperature
14,Designed mechanics grants the highest hygiene and prevents product outflow or accumulation
15,Provision with de-dusting suction systems
16,14-inches display with full-color and multilingual touch-screen
17,Flexible and user-friendly
18,Reduced electric and compressed air consumption.
19,CE certification
20,Use best quality components to ensure excellent quality.
21,From one chute to sixteen chutes to meet any different production capacity requirement
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