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Hefei rice color sorting machine manufacturer,best option for rice miller

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Hefei GroTech Color Sorter

Hefei rice color sorting machine manufacturer,best option for rice miller

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Raw Rice Sorting

Ultimate product quality in your process line

The M series of optical sorters is ideal for raw rice processors who demand the highest in rice quality. The range is able to sort all varieties of raw rice; brown rice, glutinous rice, red rice and is suitable for both small and large-scale processing.The range is equipped with the latest in technological advances and intelligent features. It effectively removes both typical and challenging defects and foreign material; discoloured grains, chalky grains, bran streaks, sticks, stones and unwanted foreign seeds, leaving the finished sort, clean and safe.



Based on the optic difference of rice material ,rice color sorter machine removes the discolor granule via optic-electronic technology and acheive the purpose of rice quality improvement and defectiveness rejecting.


rice color sorting machine

Rice color sorter machine working principle

The mixed raw rice will go into the hopper on top of the machine by elevators and then the rice will flow down along the chutes of color sorter machine. Chutes of colour sorting machine will make rice flow streamlined and consistent for scanning by CCD sensors in optical area, The moment the cameras detect any discolur, the camera instructs the ejectors fitted in the machine to open the nozzle. The nozzle is connected to air valves containing compressed air. This air is then used to shoot out the color defected material from the input rice. The types of defects in rice are: black tipped chalky, yellow, mouse droppings, immature grain, etc.

rice color sorter workig principle


Our advanced technology :

1,Advanced LED optical design system with thermal dissipation.High brightness,steady temperature LED lighting.

2,Front and rear optical system with high-resolution RGB full color cameras.Original imported sensor with pixel 5400 elements.

3,Customized shape and size sorting for different materials,

4,Control and adjustment of the defect size

5,Targeting location algorithm

According to different material characteristics,it provides accurate calculation to material center,which can achieve a hundred percent sorting and increase the production substantially.

6,Program setting and adjustment are performed through a user–friendly software which allows the acquisition of the product image to easily establish the defective elements to sort out.

7,Super large capacity processing chip:scan speed is greater than 30000 times/sec and the overall performance of the system is increased by 3 times.

8,High-frequency solenoid valve:reduces carryover ratio with working life over 8 billion blow times.

9,304 stainless steel for hoppers.

10,Anodized aluminum for the chutes.

11,Automatic cleaning system of the optical boxes.

12,International famous brand components to get excellent sorting performance and long-term running stability.


Rice color sorter specification

Rice color sorter modelM-1M-2M-3M-4M-5M-6M-7M-8M-10M-12


Remark:We have many models from 1 chute to 16 chutes for option to meet any different production capacity.


rice color sorting samples


color sorting for rice

GroTech Color Sorter plant

color sorter factory

color sorter factory


Spare parts and packing

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