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coffee color sorter machine

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Coffee Bean Color Sorter Machine

coffee processing step



3,processing berries

4,drying beans


6,cleaing and sorting


Color sorting is frequently used to remove the defective coffee beans that were not removed during coffee processing or hulling. Many countries sort coffee beans by hand due to inexpensive labor, but for most countries investment in a color sorting machine, or color separator, is necessary.


Why GroTech color sorter machine?

Helps processors meet stringent safety standards
Maximises product value and yield
Delivers consistent performance and stability
Increases productivity and lower operational costs


coffee color sorter

The machine features




image capture

shape and size

subtle color

3D color algorithm

targeting location algorithm


CCD color sorters is ideal for sorting Arabica coffee beans, removing a variety of defects to increase product quality and safety.By incorporating the latest technological advances, defects such as sticks, stones, odd colors beans and other foreign seeds can be removed effectively and efficiently.

coffee bean processing


Para defectos primarios, tenemos una eficiencia del 100% en eliminación de defectos graves o
granos completamente manchados (negros y rojos)

color sorting for coffee





Coffee Beans Color Sorter Machine specification

Color sorter modelZL-1ZL-2ZL-3ZL-4ZL-5ZL-6ZL-7ZL-8ZL-10ZL-12
Production Capacity(t/h)0.5-31.0-4.02.0-6.03.0-8.05.0-106.0-12.07.0-17.08.0-20.010.0-25.012.0-30.0


Remark:We have many models from 1 chute to 16 chutes for option to meet any different production capacity.The exact production capacity may change due to different impurity level.


Coffee Color Sorter machine performance on YouTube


1,coffee bean color sorting :





In Yunnan coffee bean plant



In Ethiopia coffee plant




GroTech Color Sorter Plant

coffee color sorter manufacturer

Packaging and Shipping

Spare parts


The Color Sorter Machine Working Principle


In general,optical sorters feature four major components:the feed system,the optical system,image processing software and the separation system.The objective of the feed system is to spread product into a uniform monolayer so products are presented to the optical system without clumps,at a constant velocity.The optical system includes lights and sensors housed above and/or below the flow of the objects being inspected.The image processing system compares objects to user-defined accept/reject thresholds to classify objects and actuate the separation system.

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