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Forming Material PPGI , Aluminum Gutter Roll Forming Machine With Forming Speed 0-15m/min

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Forming Material PPGI , Aluminum Gutter Roll Forming Machine With Forming Speed 0-15m/min

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City & Province wuxi jiangsu
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Product Details

Forming Material PPGI, Aluminum Gutter Roll Forming Machine With Forming Speed 0-15m/min


   Summary of Gutter Roll Forming Machine   



 1). This roll forming machine adopts coil production material to form gutter through 3 Ton manual decoiler, pinch feeding, main roll forming part, Hydraulic cutting, hydraulic station, PLC control system, and Non-power type support table.


 2). The whole machine adopts PLC control, AC speed control by frequency inverter technology, to realize continuous auto production, which is the best desired machinery in steel structure and metal cold roll forming machinery industry.


 3). Forming Speed: about 0-15m/min ( excluding cutting time)



   Main Technical Parameters of Gutter Roll Former   



 1). 3Ton Manual Decoiler


  1. Decoiler Type: Manual type decoiler

  2. Weight capacity of decoiler: 3Ton

  3. Manual expanding

  4. Passive uncoiling

  5. 508mm, 610mm



 2). Main Roll Forming Part


  1. Forming Mateial Thickness: 0.4-0.8mm

  2. Forming Material Type: PPGI, Aluminum

  3. Machine Frame: high grade steel welded and tempering treatment

  4. Forming Structure: Guiding column + Slide blocks

  5. Forming Motor: 5.5KW

  6. Shaft Material: 45# high grade steel tempering treatment (HB220-260)

  7. Shaft Diameter: 65mm

  8. Bearing: HRB bearing (Top Chinese brand)

  9. Roller Material: 45# high grade steel, and roller surface with hard chrome ≥ 0.05mm

  10. Forming Speed: About 0-15m/min ( excluding cutting time )

  11. Forming Stations: About 16 stations



 3). Hydraulic Cutting & Hydraulic Station


  1. Cutting Type: Hydraulic cutting after roll forming, Burr-free cutting

  2. When cutting, Machine stop

  3. Cutting blades: 1SET

  4. Cutting blade material: Cr12Mov, Quench treatment, HRC58-62

  5. Hydraulic Station Power: 3KW

  6. Hydraulic Pressure: 10Mpa

  7. Solenoid Valve Voltage: 24V ( Safety Voltage )

  8. Cutting Tolerance: +/-1.5mm



 4). Electrical Control System


  1. Adopts PLC control technology, frequency adjust speed technology, realize the automatic production.

  2. Provide good man and machine screen, which can set the batches, plate length, and quantity.

  3. Operation type: Touching screen + Button

  4. Using encoder to calculate the number and measuring the length

  5. Electrical control: PLC frequency control system with touch screen


  7. Encoder: OMRON Brand

  8. Size of PLC control board: 700mm (L) x 1000mm (H) x 300mm (W)



 5). Run-out Table


  1. It is used to support the finished panels

  2. Teh table we supply is 2 pieces with length of 2000mm, it can support panels with 10000mm at normal condition

  3. The frame of supporter is welded by square-steel

  4. Simple non-power table type




   Main Components   


 Decoiler / Uncoiler 1 Unit
 Pinch Feeding 1 Unit
 Main Roll Forming 1 Unit
 Hydraulic Cutting 1 Unit
 Hydraulic Station 1 Unit
 Electrical Control Board 1 Unit
 Run-out Table 1 Unit



   Working Flow   


Decoiler --- Pinch Feeding --- Main Roll Forming --- Hydraulic Cutting --- Support Table


   Reference Profile Drawing   






Rainwater gutter, k gutter, box gutter , seamless gutter


   Competitive Advantages   


  • High Quality
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Reasonable Price
  • Good after Service
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • More Than 10 Years Experience


   More Machine Pictures   





   Contacts of WUXI TECHWELL   


CompanyWuxi Techwell Machinery Co.,LTD
Mobile0086-15861597732( Lemon )
E-Mail / Skypesales@wxtechwell.com



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