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Three needle BLDC stator winding machine segment muti 6, 9,12 poles stator segments winder

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Three needle BLDC stator winding machine segment muti 6, 9,12 poles stator segments winder

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Three needle BLDC stator winding machine segment muti poles winding machine 6, 9,12,18 poles stator segments winding

Needles  3 needles wind at same time, can finish the winding 2 times for 6poles BLDC stator
Winding diagram 3 phase BLDC motor with same winding way for each phase 
Motor applciation    

 Air conditioning compressor, Refrigerator compressor, water pump, fuel pump



BLDC stator winder produce multi poles stator with 3nozzles(needles), winding trace is rectangle,


Wire diameter: 0.08~0.70mm

Stator ID:19~65mm

Stack height:7-90mm

Turns No.0-99999

Operation option: stepping/Auto

Stator poles: 6 poles, 9 poles, 12 poles, 18 poles (Customized)

Air pressure:5~7kg/square centi-meter

Power:2KW, AC220V 50/60Hz

Weight: about 450kgs Dimension: 1600(L)x1100(W)x1400(H)mm






The machine use needle to wind the coils to stator directly, unlike some external stator or some universal DC armature flyer winding machine, the wire move in the slot only, so for needle winding machine,

there must be enough space for the movement of the needle,

If you need to purchase the machine, you need to tell the machine supplier your stator drawing and height, including the important slot width size for checking enough space for the movement of needles.


Some BLDC stator manufacturers is considering using skew slot in their BLDC motor, as skew design might acquire better magnetic flux, till now some Italy machinery manufacturer can not produce this kind of machine. So if you consider using skew, you may have to do the coil winding manually.


BLDC winding machine Photo:


For internal slot design BLDC motor, there is needle winding machine with single,double or three nozzles for winding,the multiple nozzle can work at same time in single station.

Inslot BLDC motor stator needle winding machine WIND-TSM series had handed hundred of stators,

You can watch video on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBQMGcY5Myo

Mutipole stator BLDC needle winding machine

Segments stator winder

Inner side stator needle winding machine



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