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Full Duplex HD Wireless COFDM Transceiver 5 Watt IP Wireless Transceiver Low Latency

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Full Duplex HD Wireless COFDM Transceiver 5 Watt IP Wireless Transceiver Low Latency

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Full Duplex HD Wireless COFDM Transceiver 5 Watt IP Wireless Transceiver Low Latency


IP Network Transceiver Introduction:

TDD-COFDM broadband wireless mobile emergency communication private network is independent of telecom operators.Its confidentiality,security,mobile performance that is better than the telecom operators,also is a fully transparent data encryption transmission emergency security network. Radio channel coding using TDD-COFDM modulation technology,has ability of two-way transmission support at the same exactly frequency and saving spectrum resources. Whatever,can enable real-time network IP transparent transmission and control and meet the two-way audio and video surveillance network.A base station can simultaneously achieve 255 mobile front-end management.Real-time monitoring from a central switching the monitor points equipments and corresponding base station working /standby state by a monitor central,which can be better for each mobile front-end monitoring.

Used in special government emergency use, such as: police, fire, maritime coastal defense, waterways, ports, digital urban management and other departments.


1. Advancement: TDD-COFDM channel modulation technology, with ultra-wideband, fully transparent transmission.
2. Security: private network, private communication transport protocol, the only synchronization code, AES encryption.
3. Flexibility: transparent transmission of IP data channel, supports multi-user access.
4. Scalability: all-digital network, is compatible with all IP data transmission equipment.




1. TDD-COFDM technology;

2. Full duplex working mode

3. User can modify the all parameters;

4. Use TDD time division multiplexing technology with COFDM modulation system solution;

5. Provide 6.5Mbps max video&data stream, adaptive dynamic allocation technique;

6. Support protocol PTP &PMD network technology;

7. Support non-line of sight(NLOS) high speed mobile transmission

8. Standard RJ45 ethernet interface to transmit/receive video & data signals at the same time;

9. Real time transfer;

10. The device comes with LCD panel display parameters, adjustable by buttons.;

11. On the LCD screen shows the working signal strength indication;

12. Can be 1 or 2 ethernet ports and RS485/RS232/RS422 data port;

13. With AES128 encryption and customized key code.

14. Super low delay, within 50-80ms;

15. Transmit rate up to 6.5Mbps; Video and data occupy the same channel;

16. Available frequency:330-530MHz,have to choose 100MHz space among of the range;

17. Support high standard military grade application

18. Low delay


Technical performance:

  • Multi-frequency network base stations, base station with a single frequency network building, the same frequency network with two-way communication, high spectrum efficiency;
  • Flexible allocation of channel resources to achieve point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, multipoint-to-multipoint two-way communication;
  • Multiple channel modulation bandwidth and a variety of modulation mode function;
  • Flexible TDD slot allocation model to meet the single-frequency multi-user access, save the spectrum, the same power to reduce power consumption;
  • Spectrum sensing, perception slot, upstream bandwidth sensing function;
  • Strong diffraction ability and anti-multipath capability, excellent diffraction and penetration;
  • High-sensitivity receiver, can still ensure BER <10E-5, frame error rate <1% when the reception level is -110dBm;
  • Powerful error correction capability;
  • Low PAPR, high power amplifier efficiency, low power consumption;
  • Can support to transmit video audio and etc signals synchronous,high speed and real time.
  • Can work well at the velocity of 600km/h.
  • Digital signal processing, a strong system of confidentiality, stability and reliability of wireless broadband technology ASE128/256bits;




Transmission mode:Full duplex
Transfer Protocol:Standard TCP/ IP, transparent transmission, serial asynchronous
Data type:10 / 100Bate-T Ethernet, industrial RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 standard
Audio channel:customized analog audio intercom interface (non-Open)
Transfer Rate:6.5Mbps in total;The video&data occupy the same channel
Baud rate:720 ~ 921600bps
Transmission delay:50~ 80ms
Networking format:PTP and PTMP
Transmit distance:1-3km NLOS on ground / 40km LOS distance on sea area;
1-80km LOS distance/50km NLOS (on helicopter)
Receiving sensitivity:-103dBm
Ethernet interfaces:RJ45
RS-232/422/485 physical interface:Six pin terminals
Power input physical interface:Six pin terminals
RF physical interface:SMA female


Technical parameters:


Output frequency:330-530MHz(optional),
step in 1MHz (other frequencies can be customized)
Output Power:5-20W adjustable
Working Bandwidth:4MHz / 8MHz adjustable
Encryption:128bit AES (Optional 256bit AES)
Correction mechanism:32bit of CRC, ARQ
Modulation:TDD_COFDM, time division duplex mode
Parameter Control:adjustable parameters through the LCD panel
Operating voltage:DC12V
Ethernet:10 / 100BaseT, Auto-MDI / X, IEEE802.3
Working temperature:-40°C~85°C
Built-in battery:12000mA (can be with or not)
Working time:6 hours
Dimensions:210 * 133 * 54mm



TDD COFDM Transceiver Application:


It has advatange of small volume and light weight,especially widely used in UAV/ drones /Quadcopter/Octocopter/hexacopter,WIFIBOT Network building and etc.. such fast-moving complex environment video data signals transmission.



Full Duplex TDD-COFDM Wireless Transceiver Low Delay Network Video Transmitter


Kimpok is the wireless security provider of choice for police departments, private investigators, UAV hobbyist, and federal agencies nationwide, in large part due to our range of wireless video transmission devices. Our selection of state-of-the-art wireless video transmitters and receivers, wireless video links, antennas, and wireless sensors, are designed so you can place your cameras where you need them, without the concern of running video cable.


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