PⅢ 500 JCAM Trunk Cable Seamless Aluminum Tube for HFC Duplex Transmission Network

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PⅢ 500 JCAM Trunk Cable Seamless Aluminum Tube for HFC Duplex Transmission Network

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PⅢ 500 JCAM Trunk Cable Seamless AL Tube for HFC Duplex Transmission Network


Quick Detail:


  • Signal Coaxial Cable
  • P 500 JCAM Trunk Cable
  • 0.109 Inches /2.77mm CCA
  • 0.450 Inches /11.43mm FPE
  • 0.500 Inches /12,7mm  Aluminum Tube
  • 0.570 Inches /14.48mm PE
  • Zinned Steel Messenger
  • 500M, 1000M, Wooden Drum, Pallet
  • MOQ: 5 KM




KT0204 P 500 JCAM Trunk Cable, 2.77mm CCA Conductor, 14.48mm FR-PE, Messenger

has the highest reliability and flexibility of any Trunk and Distribution coaxial cable, low RF attenuation and an unprecedented 10 year warranty.All QR ans PS cable products offer tough polyethylene jackets and a standardized, environmentally sealed connector interface engineered for reliability and craft friendliness. 
QR and PS cable offers lower attenuation than larger traditional products, with unmatched flexibility,
reliability and cost effectiveness. QR and PS cable is optimized for use in broadband feeder plants. It can also be used for very low attenuation antenna/headend connections. 
Standard QR and PS cable Construction is comprised of: 
Aluminum Strip – formed and continuously RF welded around a high compression microcellular foam dielectric core, minimizing RF egress and ingress and the rigidity common in traditional coaxial products. 
Shield – fully bonded to the dielectric core, as is the copper clad aluminum center conductor. 
Polyethylene Jacket – applied standard, which enhances cable reliability and allows QR and PS cable's unique connector technology to form an environmental seal.

Trunk coaxial cables are connected to the optical node and form a coaxial backbone to which smaller distribution cables connect.Trunk cables also carry AC power which is added to the cable line at usually either 60V or 90V by a power supply and a power inserter.


KT0204 P500 JCAM Trunk Cable, 2.77mm CCA Conductor, 14.48mm PE Jacket, Messenger
Construction Parameters:
  Inner Conductor0.109Inches /2.77mm               Copper Clad Aluminum
  Dielectric0.450Inches /11.43mm           Foamed PE 
  First Shield             0.500Inches /12.70mm Welding Smooth Aluminum Tube
  Shield Thickness0.024Inches /0.61mm  
  Jacket0.570Inches /14.48mm     PE/ Flame Retardant PE  
  Jacket Thickness0.030Inches /0.76mm        
  Messenger0.109Inches /2.77mm Zinned Steel
Electrical Characteristics:
  Capacitance(pF/m)50 ± 3
  Impedance(ohm)75 ± 2
  Velocity of Propagation (%)87
  Inner Conductor DC Resistance(Ω/km)4.43
  Outer Conductor DC Resistance(Ω/km)1.21
  Loop DC Resistance(Ω/km)5.64
Mechanical Characteristics:
  Min.Bend Radius(mm)102
  Max.Pulling Tension(kgf)136
  Max.Breaking Strength of Messenger(kgf)816
Frequency (MHZ)            Nominal (dB/100m)Max Attenuation (dB/100m)
5.00 0.52 0.52 
55.00 1.71 1.77 
83.00 2.10 2.17 
211.00 3.48 3.58 
250.00 3.77 3.94 
300.00 4.13 4.30 
350.00 4.46 4.69 
400.00 4.82 5.02 
450.00 5.12 5.35 
500.00 5.41 5.67 
550.00 5.74 5.97 
600.00 6.00 6.27 
750.00 6.69 7.09 
865.00 7.22 7.68 
1000.00 7.91 8.27 
Order Informations:
  MarkingKINGTONE PⅢ 500 JCAM XXX M  (or Per customer's request)
  Package500M, 1000M, Wooden Drum, Pallet  (or Per customer's request)
  Delivery timeNormally 25 days after received the deposit.
  More informations please contact with us.



Competitive Advantage:


1,  From raw materials to final products, we perform intense quality checks to maintain our product quality:

     A, Incoming material inspected by QC.

     B, Manufacturing Process Control

     C: Workers trained daily/weekly/monthly

     D: Work instructions manual at each work station

     E: 5S system implemented

     F: Machine maintenance procedure

     G: Quality Control and Final Inspection 

         The QC staff will check the material, process product

         and final product according to the specification or test procedure.


2, Our R&D efforts center on reinforcing and developing element technologies

    needed to support the future growth and success for customers and KINGTONE.


3, We know customers have urgent needs.

    We are skilled at effective communication to interact with customers.

    In order to provide prompt service, we can answer for you 7*24 hours.


4, We can quickly and professionally answer for the inquire


5, More than 1000 kinds of cable, connectors and assembles can be produce and organized from us


6, Intime delivery


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