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Portable / Mini Metallurgical Optical Microscope 100 - 400x A13.2501

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Portable / Mini Metallurgical Optical Microscope 100 - 400x A13.2501

Country/Region china
City & Province beijing beijing
Categories Used Measuring & Analysing Instruments

Product Details

Portable / Mini Metallurgical Optical Microscope 100 - 500x A13.2501

Small & Simple, with bright white LED light built-in, and high quality image!



A13.2501 Portable Metallurgical Microscope
Total Magnification100-400x
LWD Plan Objective
(no cover glass)
PLL 10X/0.25 WD:7.3mm
PLL 40X/0.65 WD:0.5mm
Mechanical Tube Length160mm
FocusingCoaxial coarse/fine focus system, range:36mm
Light SourceCoaxial illumination, build-in LED rechargeable, brightness adjustable
PackingPortable aluminium case
A13.2501 Portable Metallurgical Microscope Optional Accessories
AdapterFor Canon SLR Digital CameraA55.2502
StandMagnet StandA54.2501
LWD Plan Objective
(no cover glass)
PLL 20xA5M.0234-20
PLL 60xA5M.0234-60
PLL 80xA5M.0234-80
PLL 100xA5M.0234-100


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