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Mianyang Prochema Commercial Co.,Ltd.

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Address: 23M,Shidai Bldg.,Linyuan road,Mianyang,sichuan

Contact name:Mr. gus zhang

Mianyang Prochema Commercial Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Everyday new companies open, and companies die.

Most died companies was caused by the founders,including his bad management,his short dream and his attitude to the customers.

Mianyang Prochema Commercial Co.,Ltd. is not an old company,but will be a 100-year company,because his founder has that dream.

Founder himself can not live 100 years,but his spirit and attitude will.

Honest and responsible and insistant are the key points for a company to be existed long enough.

In China,real 100-year company is rare.Hope Mianyang Prochema will the one.



2004--Mianyang Prochema established,initially in insulation and printing plastic film 

2007--Set up Gus Industry(hongkong)co.,limited for global business management

2008--Set up Shenzhen factory to produce the films and involved in conductive film and interactive touch screen

2010--Deeply involved in in-door advertising which is produced from the conductive film

2013--World wide promoting privacy PDLC switchable film and glass


Products and service catalogue:

1  FEP products

   Film , sheet, rod, tube, (heat shrink tube),adhesive tape,elbow etc

2.PFA  Products

    Film , sheet, rod, tube, (heat shrink tube), elbow etc

3.PCTFE Products

  Film , sheet, rod, tube, elbow etc

4.PVDF products:

  Film , sheet, rod, tube, (heat shrink tube),adhesive tape,elbow etc

5.ETFE products

  Film , sheet, rod, tube, (heat shrink tube) 

6.Perfluorinated ion exchange membrane 

   N11x-VRB , N21x-Fuel cell, N31x-high fuel cell, N41x-electrolysis

7.PVDF PIEZO membrane and sensors

plastic piezo film and sensors . free size and free shape . 

8.PEEK products 

 Film , sheet, rod, tube and other products

9.Other products

 PTFE products, PVF products 


Professional services need the service providers to be professional. Different from many other companies

For more, please kindly get contact with us by following E   MAIL direclty

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Company Name: Mianyang Prochema Commercial Co.,Ltd.
City: mianyang
Province: sichuan
Country: china
Address: 23M,Shidai Bldg.,Linyuan road,Mianyang,sichuan