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XY-600F Core Rotary Drilling Rig for 600 Meters

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XY-600F Core Rotary Drilling Rig for 600 Meters

Country/Region china
City & Province zhengzhou henan
Categories Natural Gas

Product Details

Drilling Depth XY-600F Trailer Mounted Portable

Water Well Drilling Rigs

Brief Details of Water Well Drilling Rig:

1. Model No.: XY-600F

2. Max. Drilling Depth:600m

3. Drilling Rod Diameter: Φ42,Φ50,Φ60,Φ76

4. Borehole Diameter: 75~~500mm

5. Warranty: One year guarentee excluding wearing parts

6. Certifications: BV, SGS Certificate

7. Applications: Water Well, Irrigation wells, Geological Exploration, Blast Holes, Geothermal Heat Project etc.

First of all, do you have an idea of the drilling rig you are looking for? The following questions will help you to get suitable drilling machine for your business.

1. What kind of projects you will work for,Water well,Borehole,Exploration coring,Foundation

Piling or others?
2. The Max. depth of drilling you hope to achieve?
3. The Min. and Max. hole diameter you estimate?
4. Condition of the environment, Soft ground like soil,mud,Hard ground like rocks or Mixed the

soft and hard layers?
The more details of your need are told from you, the better our engineers are able to recommend you the suitable models.

Product Description

Product Specifications of XY-600F Drilling Rig:

XY-600F portable water well drilling machineis a portable hydraulic drilling rig machine, adopting integrated tower, hydraulic legs, mud drilling, rotating method, mobile base, hydraulic drilling, etc. It is very widely used for water well, geological exploration, mining exploration, geothermal well, irrigation well, bridge conservancy, etc. Very popular in market from Kenya, Nigeria, Ethopia, Mombasa, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Chile,Malaysia, Dominica,etc.

Xy-600F borehole drilling rig.jpg

1. Power supply:

It can be powered by diesel engine or electric motor as options; Diesel engine is started by electric battery.

2. Mobile base:

It can be mounted on trailer, crawler or truck for easy move and different drilling environment;

3. Automobile transmission assembly:

With 10 grades forward rotation speed and 2 grades reverse rotation speed, can meet various stratumdrilling requirements.

4. Mud pump

Designed wih BW-200 or BW-250 mud pump, XY-600F is with much larger water flushing rate, with better scraps cleaning effects.

5. For different stratum

Soil, sand, gravel, rocks. XY-600F can work with alloy bit for soil and sand, PDC bit for gravel,

and diamond bit for rocks and hard rocks.

6. Integrated drill tower

Hydraulically control the rise and fall, no need to install drill tower manually.


Parameters of Water well Drilling Rig XY-600F

1. Main Parameters

Max. Drilling Depth


Diameter of drill pipe


Angle of vertical spindle


Drilling capability

Φ75mm drill diameter

Max. Depth 600m

Φ108mm drill diameter

Max. Depth 500m

Φ127mm drill diameter

Max. Depth 400m

Φ159mm drill diameter

Max. Depth 300m

Φ219mm drill diameter

Max. Depth 210m

Φ273mm drill diameter

Max. Depth 150m

Φ500mm drill diameter

Max. Depth 80m

2. Vertical Spindle

Rotation speed

Forward 10 grades



Reverse 2 grades


Spindle stroke


Spindle bore


Hoisting capability


Max. Torque


3. Main hoist

Lifting speed of single wire


Diameter of wire rope


Carry capacity of single wire


Diameter of winding drum


Volume of winding drum


Lifting capability of single wire


4.Auxiliary Hoist


Winding drum


Diameter of steel wire rope


Volume of winding drum


5. Mud pump(as per your choice)

Horizontal triplex mud pump




Working pressure

50kg/cm² @ 5MPa

Diameter of water inlet hose


Diameter of water outlet hose


6.Power supply(choose one between the following two)

Diesel engine

Model 4100,38kw(50PS)

Electrical motor


7. Weight and Dimension ofmaindrilling rig





8.Six-wheel Trailer


Walking speed


Frame carrying capacity

4 tons

Steering wheel 600-14

0.75 tons

Bearing wheel 650-15

0.9 tons

Minimum turing angle


9. Oil Pump


Working pressure




Package of Water well Drilling Rig XY-600F

To protect drilling rigs during sea transportation, we give them proper packing.

Main machines: In wooden case

Spare parts: Wooden case or plastic woven bag

packing and shipping of XY-600F drilling rig.jpg

Company Info. and Service

We build the portable water well drilling rigs with nothing but the best components and materials. We work with hydraulic experts to help us make sure the rigs we build have an efficient hydraulic system. No matter what model of drilling rig you choose, you can rest assure that we have put many hours builing, testing and inspecting your rig.

Defy company pic.jpg

Drilling Rig Manufacturer DERY Service

1.Professional techinical support pre-sale, sale and after-sale .

2.Your problems can get feedback in 8 hours and soloved in 24 hours.

3.Machine can be customized as per your requirement.

Defy Company info.jpg

Contact details

Please do not hesitate to contact us if this model is fit for your business. And you are highly appreciated that if you could tell us more details of your business, then we can recommend most suitable model of drilling rig to you.
contact details.jpg

Please contact Andrew for more details and BEST OFFER

Phone/WhatsApp: 0086-18681448031

Email: andrew(@)zzdefy.cn

Skype: defy-drillingrig(@)hotmail.com

Website: www.zzdefydrillrig.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cndrillingrigs











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