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TEO HD Color AMP-430 0.5um CNC Video Measuring System

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TEO HD Color AMP-430 0.5um CNC Video Measuring System

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City & Province shenzhen guangdong
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Product Details

High Stability CNC Optical Measurement Systems For Industrial Inspection



1. Merits with auto-measuring instrument:

This instrument can avoid human error of the “Object Work Piece” as caused by manual measuring, and can as well avoid secondary damage caused to “Object Work Piece” by manual measuring, with ensured mass stability and criteria consistency of the object work piece. This instrument can enhance multi-fold the detecting efficiency in the production process, identify the defects and control over non-yields beforehand in production process, and can meanwhile help lower part of the costs spent on manual detection, and increase the timeliness of product delivery.


2. Applicable scope:

This measuring instrument can be used for dimensional accuracy measurement of various Aerospace, automobile and ship, scientific research and teaching, electronics, hardware and plastic, precision metal stamping plate, screen printing plate, acrylic plate, LCP film, PCB board, LCDTFT, glass cover plate, TP, frame of ultra-large LCD, die cutting, backlight module group, as well as for auxiliary measurements such as reverse engineering graphic R & D, design, drawing editing, laboratory inspection, etc.


3. Main functional configurations of instrument:

This instrument is used in with AUSKY professional automatic measurement software, Aotian special controller,MEAN WELL power supply, Panasonic servo motor drive system, TEO color 650TV CCD, PMS high resolution of 0.7–4.5 folds special high-definition Auto zoom and fixed-focus screen optical lens, LED partition program-controlled light source, import precision Nidec patch grating system, Lenovo computer,LCD monitor,keyboard, mouse, and the digital measurement.


4. Overall Merits:

A. Suitable for measuring applications of multi-variety, complex dimensions and demanding measuring accuracy, with even easy and quick measuring efficacy and enhanced measuring efficiency.


B. The instrument has the following merits with regard to image processing: automatic burrs skip-over, auto generating measurement reports and results statistics, and open for linking to printers, etc., suitable for wide industry applications.


5. Saving cost:

This instrument can achieve multiple functions on the same set of equipment, resulting in saved user costs for repeated purchasing of measurement devices as well as saved labor costs and equipment occupation space. It can meet the needs of user enterprises for greater development in the future and the demand for rapid expansion of product testing to lay sound foundation for users’ quality assurance.


Technical parameters


Paramter and Model



Platfom size(mm)


Glass table size(mm)


Weight limit(kg)



X axis(mm)


Y axis(mm)


Z axis(mm)


Image and measurement system

Display resolution(mm)


Instrument precision(um)


Imaging system(CCD)

TEO HD color

Zoom objective(X)

High percision automatic zoom lens program control

Total video magnification(x)


Working distance(mm)


Light source

LED programmable partiton light source(Coaxial light source optional)

Outline dimension(mm)




Power supply

220V AC 50HZ



Configuration List:


Sequence number





Main body




Instrument table




AUSKY software




video card
















Liquid crystal display




Aocheng optical calibration block




Precision probe(optional)




Keyboard and mouse




Specification warranty card certificate




Introduction to the software functions:


Software interface


A. Multiple measuring methods, including auto edge-tracing, auto sectional edge-tracing, mouse on-screen point fetch, crossline pointing, proximity pointing, contrast and pinnacle pointing, contour pointing, probe pointing, laser pointing, and etc.





B. Powerful edge-tracing algorithm ensures sampling point accuracy and automatic pixel correction on sampling stability,
where, one stroke will enable automatic pixel correction, needless to shift frequently.




C. Element construction
Element structure technique, offers multiple methods, such as shifting, rotating, extracting, combining, paralleling,
plumbing, mirroring, symmetry, intersecting, tangentially structured elements; Element structure will enable user to
tackle some elements hard to measure, and consequently resulting in increased working efficiency; The compositional
process is to select elements for compositional involvement, select the result element, clear and simple. Options for
composition methods available in form of illustration.



D. Ample report functions






E. Red out-of-tolerance warning
In case of out-of-tolerance of the measuring result, the specific element and item of element can be displayed, and the
derived EXCEL may the same prompt which item is out of the tolerance.




F. Ample functions of the image window
Can display magnification ratio and scale, and can do simple distance and angle measuring



G. Ample functions of coordinate system
Can establish multiple coordinate systems on the basis of the actual circumstance, can switch flexibly data under all
coordinate systems, can achieve conveniently switchover between straight angle coordinate system and polar coordinate
system, can achieve the save and call-out of different coordinate system, and can display different modes of coordinate system.



H. Convenient program editing and modifying

Enable to modify conveniently light source data, kinetic data, focusing data, program location, measuring height, and
etc., as well as can replace existing elements with new elements.

I Ample tolerance functions
Multiple calculations of size and geometric tolerance available; Allowable for calculating 2D and 3D tolerance, e.g,
geometric tolerance as roundness, cylindricity, linearity, planeness, etc., as well as tolerances as location, parallelism,
verticality, tilt, concentricity, pulsation, etc.




J. Map navigation, scanning and contour tracking software provides powerful navigation functions

Can scan whole map by assigning a starting point and finishing point, and can also import the pictures taken by external
sensors for navigation; The scanning function can be used in reversing function, can designate starting point and
finishing point of the scanning, and special design algorithm; allow to increase scanning accuracy and practicality
through filtering impurities; allow to track open or closed graphics to have contour tracking, so as to obtain desired
contour. Can set number of scanning point, on contour, and software can automatically calculate scanning spacing.



K. Powerful tagging function

Available in multiple tagging types, for example, tagging of Distance, Angle, X Distance, Y Distance, Radius, Diameter,
Arc Length, and etc., allows to change position after tagging is finished, as well as to automatically tag user, that will
remain after program is over.



L. Probe measuring

Powerful functions of software probe measuring enable to character 2D & 3D elements such as height, plane, cylinder,
cone, sphere, ring, etc., and support multiple methods for establishing 3D coordinates system, with rapid and efficient

M. Composite measuring of probe and image

Composite measuring by complementing probe with image optical system achieves multi-purpose measuring of image
and probe.

N. Workpiece array and array macro function

Such function is applied in automatic image measuring instrument. When a bunch of identical workpieces are placed and
literally equally spaced on one measure fixture, measure one of the workpieces at first, before measure all the
workpieces on the measure fixture. This will not only save the time for edge-tracing measuring, but also simplify the
user program.


O. Laser measuring
Laser measuring sees an increasing popularity in imaging device measuring. Our software is also improved and
optimized responding to the measuring call. We herein introduce as below:

P. Connection and interfacing with laser
Currently, our measuring device can connect with laser of following brands: Keyence, Panasonic, Omron, Miyi, Stil,
ERT, Sunny, and etc. Select the laser and COM you wish to connect with in the Laser List in the Parameter Setting.
(After connection, the measuring method using laser measuring is indicated as below(L: Reading of the line is the
current laser reading, and corresponding interface of laser measuring will also pop up in the Graphic Zone)


Q. Synchronization of laser and image
Before laser measuring, first to synchronize the laser and image, before following measuring can be performed. Using a
sample, find a cusp on the picture, before shift the crossline center to such cusp to call out the coordinate value, before
shift the laser spot to such cusp to call out the coordinate value of such cusp, click to confirm to wrap up the
synchronization, to achieve the image programming laser measuring.
(With this, in subsequent measuring process, whatever laser spot mining or imaging spot mining, they can be shifted to
the element center already mined)

R. Workpiece array macro
Responding to circumstances of placing simultaneously multiple identical or different fixtures on workbench, array on
each fixture can be identical or different. User can simply replace the fixture after measuring workpieces on one fixture,
which help save time and increase efficiency.
(Fixture 1) (Workpiece 1)



S. Import CAD graphics for measuring

The software supports measuring on workpieces with CAD graphics as template, which enable coordinate measuring or
comparison measuring. Such function is applicable to workpiece of any contour/shape within gauging range of the
measuring instrument.

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