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Five axis CNC Spring Coiling Machine for making compression spring

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Five axis CNC Spring Coiling Machine for making compression spring

Country/Region china
City & Province dongguan guangdong
Categories Glass Product Making Machinery Parts

Product Details

Five axis CNC Spring Coiling Machine for making compression spring


Product Description
1.Axis count:5 axis
2.Wire size:¢2.00-4.00mm
3.Max outside diameter:¢80mm
4.Wire feed motor:7.0kw
5.Upper cut motor:1.5kw
6.Bottom cut motor:1.5kw
7.OD regulator motor:1.5kw
8.Pitch motor:1.5kw
9.Motor brand:Sanyo Denki
10.Computer display:Chinese/English
11.Max wire feed:99999.99mm
12.Min wire feed:0.02mm
13.Computer memory:150 programs
16.Power ac:3-phase 220v 50hz
The cnc compression spring machine combines precision CNC controlled servo-motion system and
conveniences of mechanization. It is suitable for various kinds of spring products through a simplified
setup and programming procedure.
The wire feeding system is installed horizontally back of the machine. Every two wire feeding wheels
is one group, there are two groups.
Axis location, feeding data, production speed and production output are displayed on the screen.
The program data can be set and changed easily.
The space can be adjusted by two methods easily and flexibly: cam inclined knife and shaft pushing.
The spring outside diameter can be adjusted easily by means of setting the program and the outside
diameter axis is working independently.
XD-240&XD-250 (2)117
01.jpgAuxiliary Decoiler >>
Spring Former >>
Spring Coiler >>
Spring machine
spare parts >>
02.jpgThe company has always dedicated research
and development, design, manufacture, sales
and service in CNC spring machine equipment
We have professional teams, expert in production,
design and R&D for over 10 years to
meet clients' different demands.
Our machine produce high presicion
spring at 0.07mm wire diameter.
High precison and excellent performance for
producing all kinds of springs and wire forms,
Sanyo Denki servo motor for each machine axis,
each axis is controlled by a seperate machine
Machine test run(at least for one week) is a
must before we ship the machine, in an effort to
insure every mechanical and electrical parts are
in perfect condition.
After order placed, we accept to adjust the products
according to customer's demand, and
remain the program and tool settings on machine.
in order to insure a quick start of machine
once customer receive it.
Dongguan Xinding Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a production & sales combined company, with
more than 10 years of hard work, we accomplished to be a well-experienced and reliable CNC spring
machine supplier.
Our products are CNC Spring Coiler and CNC Spring Former.
The machine covers spring wire diameter from 0.07mm to 7.00mm, including spring types like,
compression springs, torsional springs, extension springs, wire forms, abnormal-shaped springs ect.
Our products have been sold in China and all over the world, such as Korea, Turkey, Iran, Vietnam
and have received a lot of praise. XingDing ownes independent research, development, design ability
and accept making product according to customers' requirements. Our company has always aimed to
manufacture "high speed, accurate, cost effective" equipment. Xingding people are in line with "quality first, customer oriented, excellent service" idea .
To maintain the cleanliness of feeding servo motor to prevent oil and gas, and dust fall into the servo motor
or encoder, resulting in mechanical damage.
At least every six months for maintenance or in accordance with the number of machine production, and
replace the line feed operation at the same time.
Implementation of machine maintenance jobs, follow these steps:
Make sure the power is turned off.
Wipe the parts with cotton cloth, wire feed wheel, sending Line Block, delivers the spindle and other metal
surfaces, removal of the mechanical surface debris, oil, grease, dust, and coated with a of antirust thin oil
to prevent mechanical corrosion.
With the cotton swab to remove the old grease and oil stains on the wire feed drive gear.
The transmission tooth gear train gear contact face spreads the gear special-purpose oil lubrication.(Uses
OMEGA73 or same level lubricating oil).
Attention: Please do not use the air spray gun to be clean, in order to avoid the detritus, the dust fall the
slide rails sliding way or in the rotation structure gap.
Packaging & Shipping
Company Information
04.jpghttp://cncjd.en.alibaba.com/ www.springxd.com
+86 13580987891
sales@springxd.com, xinding@springmachine.net
No. 7, Hongmian Road, Dabandi Industrial Park, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
1Q: Why us?
1A: 13 years of experience in this line.
All machines recieve good comments from customer.
Independent R&D ability.
Always happy to serve and work with our customers.
2Q: What is the power supply of the machine?
2A: The standard industrial power supply in China is 380V, 3-phase, 50hz, we can change the
machine voltage according to customer's request.
3Q: What information should the customer provide to get an accurate quotation from us?
3A:The customer should provide the related technical requirements, drawings, pictures, industrial
voltage, planned output, etc.
4Q: What is the payment term ?
4A:The payment term is 30% down payment, and 70% before shipment(T/T mode), we also accept
other payment term, like L/C, DA, D/P etc.
5Q: What is the delivery time?
5A: Normally the delivery time of the machine is 30 days after receive down payment.
6Q: What is the warrantee period of the machine?
6A: The warrantee period is two year since the date of shipment.

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