Custom Reaction Injection Molding For Big Size Plastic Parts Low Volume Manufacturing

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Address: Floor 2, Block 9, AoHua Industrial Park, DaLang HuaRong Road, LongHua District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, PRC 518109

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Custom Reaction Injection Molding For Big Size Plastic Parts Low Volume Manufacturing

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong

Product Details

Low Volume Manufacturing by RIM for Big Size Plastic Parts


RIM Tooling Quick Details

The RIM process incorporates pre-made steel cavity and core inserts .we use CNC to produce the core/cavity details allowing for production-quality tolerances and surface finishes. RIM offers complex injection molded parts in 2~3 weeks. You don’t have to re-design or simplify your parts for RIM because our revolutionary process allows for production quality tolerances and surface treatment. Our system couples the speed of Proprietary Automation with the skilled mold makers as they are equipped with the most reliable and cutting edge prototypes fabrication.



Prototyping Material Selection

Currently, we now use mainly PU also, HD-PU4210,DCP-RIM,AXSON-RIM 875 are involved in our RIM manufacturing. For better functional purpose, we will suggest to choose stronger materials, please contact us for material selections for your parts.


RIM Application


RIM Low Volume Manufacturing Technical Parameters

Mold material:Epoxy resin mold (life >100 shots); ABS plastic mold (life >300 shots), Aluminum mold (life >1000shots)
Injection material:Dual injection process PU
Physical properties:PP/ABS, part is durable, high impact, high degree of fit, loading and unloading properties.
General curing time:15-30 minutes/piece, part takes 2-4 hours to cure under 80℃ condition after mold release
Standard accuracy:±0.20mm/100mm
Thickness of mold part:max.10mm
Size of mold part:max.2000mm X 1200mm X 1000mm,weight is 10Kg



OEM/ODM Service:

We make OEM/ODM parts based on your 3D files and 2D drawings, 100+ professional engineers and technicians are here to support you.



According to Stardard Export Packing.

Carton box, wooden box, wooden pallet.



- International express in 2-3 days such as UPS, TNT, DHL, Fedex, etc

- Internatioal air: CA, AA, EA, etc

- By sea


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