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CNC Precision Machined Parts Sliding Rail Guided Orbit 3 4 Axis Linkage Parts

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CNC Precision Machined Parts Sliding Rail Guided Orbit 3 4 Axis Linkage Parts

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong

Product Details

Product details:

CNC machining with 3 4 Axis linkage parts CNC milling service Precision machined parts

Sliding rail  Guided orbit  Electronics equipment parts  SMT Industrial field parts

Material: 45#            Surface:nickel plating               Concentricity:0.03mm

Rugosity:Ra0.8        Tolerance:0.01-0.03mm              Flatness:0.05mm



Main Product Display:

Metal:Aluminum 2024,2A12,5052,6020,6061,6063,7075,45#,SKD11,DC53,SUS304,SUS136.
Machine:CNC processing center,CNC lathe,Wire cutting macine,Milling machine,Grinding machine,EDM.
Surface treatment:nickel plating,chrome plating,anodizing.

Purpose:Semiconductor Machinery,Laser Cutting Equipment,Communication equipment,

Testing equipment,Medical equipment,Electronics equipment,agricultural machinery,

electrical appliances products,Electronic devices, SMT Industrial field, etc.Vessel, Military,

Security system, Medical, Instrument measurement,Optical fiber transmission, etc.Optical

Communication field,Communication Equipment parts,Various mould accessories.

Generator parts,Bathroom Parts,Mining Machinery Parts,Ship accessories,

Bridge structural parts,Microscope Bracket Parts,Juice extractor parts,Mountaineering

Equipment Parts,Fishing gear parts,Sports Equipment Parts,Fitness Equipment Parts,

Photographic equipment parts,Furniture Hardware Parts,Mower Parts,Intelligent Robot Parts,


Processing all kinds of metal and plastic matenrials with the change of the times,the materials

chosen by customers are changing constantly,in order to meet the different material needs

of customers,we have accumulated a very rich and wide range of process characteristics

and technical know-how of mechanical processing of metal and non-metal materials through

continuous technological innovation and research and development.

SteelStainless steelAluminumCopperPlasticSurface treatment
1.2344SUS303A1050C1020PCHigh speed sand blasting
SUJ2SUS304A2017C1100PPAnodic oxidation
1095SUS316A2024C145MCNickel plating
1212SUS403A5056C147POMTitanium plating
1566SUS416A5052C5191ABSGold plating
S355SUS420J2A6020C1220PVCSilver plating
C22SUS430A6061C360PEEKChrome Plated
F12517-4PHA6082 Bakeliteflame plating
F141 A7075 TeflonAbrasion
CK45 Others OthersChemical polishing
Others    Others


Key Machine Display:

Continuing to invest heavily in our facilities , we aim to bring you the most reliable,efficient and affordable

metal component.our highly skilled and professional workforce is dedicated to satisfying the individual

needs of all our customers and various markets the serve.

Processing type
CNC MachiningEDMGear working
Multi-Axis CNC MachiningThread Processingstamping
CNC Turning Servicewire cuttinglaser cutting
CNC Milling/Turning MultipledrillingParts Assemble
ToleranceOuter diameter dimension 0.01mm
Internal diameter dimension 0.01mm
Center distance dimension 0.01mm
length,width,high(cnc milling process)0.01mm
surface roughness Ra0.4a 
Roundness 0.01mm Flatness 0.01mm
Customized drawingsAutoCAD,JPEG,PDF,STP,IGS,and most other file formats are accepted.
ApplicationPrecision machinging,Unmanned aerial vehicle & aerospace,Motor & pump,Robotics,medical devices,Optical communication,Automotive,3D Face Recognition System,Tools and Fixtures,Gear & screw,hardware fasteners & Bolt & ShaftPackagePaper cartons/plywood pallets/plywood boxes or according to customer's requirement


Why are you choose us ?

1. Rich CNC machining experience.

XINYA was founded in 2008years, having a long history of 10 years.Full experience

accumulated in Precision CNC machining service on best quality for medical, communications,

photoelectric, auto parts processing,CNC Precision machining. Mechanical processing - heat

treatment - surface treatment and assembly, we are committed to offer you and one-stop solution .


2.We have do business with many foreign customers from Europe/North America/Aisa etc areas,

like we have cooperation with GE and SUMITOMO,CANON for around 10years. No matter

how much the production is, we will take it seriously and do our best.


3.We have had 60 sets machining,including CNC automatic lathes imported from Japan,

So this will help our company have bigger manufacturing capacity.To meet more customers'

precision request, we have CMM, PROJECTOR etc.Precision inspection instruments to

measuring our products.In order to ensure quality, we carry out strict first sample inspection,

process inspection, shipment inspection, and every process is strictly checked. We try

every means to prevent defective products from flowing into the next process and customer place.


4.We offer OEM/ODM service with reasonable production techniques for customers to cut down

the cost. Our engineering team use the UG/PROE/SOLIDWORKS/MASTER etc software to

support our production techniques.


5.Overseas logistics experience, FOB, CIF, DAP and other trade terms.


It is our goal to meet our customers’ expectation through good quality,fast delivery service,

productivity and Continuous improvement.Shenzhen Xinya Precsion machining Co., Ltd is to

be your best choice and long-term partner.



Q1: Could you give me your best price?

A1: Of course yes, we are a professional manufacturer, so we could supply the best price

without many middlemen.


Q2: If my quantity is very small, could you do my products?

A2: Yes, we can. Do not worry about the quantity. We will provide different production ways

based on your quantity.


Q3: How long would the delivery time?

A3: It is based on all of your requirements about the products.


Q4: How can you guarantee the quality?

A4: We have a powerful QC team to control the quality in every production process.

We believe the best quality is our enterprise life. That’s why we have lots of big group companies.


Q5: I want to buy your products, how can I make the payment?

A5: We can accept the T/T and western union.


Q6: What are your mainly customers around the world?

A6: Our mainly customers are from North American, Western Europe and Japan.


Q7: I didn’t find the products I want, can you OEM for me?

A7: Yes, we are a professional OEM and ODM manufacturer with 10 years’ experiences.

We can OEM and ODM the products which you need. Our aim is “You have the idea,

we turn it into products”


Quality policy


Customer's requirement is our standard. In the long-term production process, we have

established a perfect quality management system, so that product quality can be controlled

steadily in the manufacturing process. We strictly enforce the operation rules and quality

standards from the aspects of material purchasing, R&D and design, process flow and

quality inspection, all of which originate from our unremitting pursuit of quality.


We can't give you the lowest price, we can only give you good quality. We would rather

explain the price to you for a while than apologize for the quality for a lifetime. If we only

want to pursue profits, we can achieve the goal of fast sales by reducing costs. But we think

that only perfect quality is our pride, in order to promise that we will not be proud of

short-term benefits. Selling the future, our efforts and persistence are recognized and

followed by more and more customers, which is the greatest driving force for us to continue

to move forward. We can not thank you, but only report quality.


Quality Inspection Links and Inspection ItemsIntroduction of Various Quality Testing Instruments
1.Inspection of raw materials3CMM
IQC Inspectors will inspect surface,size and matcertificate provided of materials.CMM can be defined as "a detector which can move in three directions.

                                ▼                                                                    ▼

2.First sample inspection3CMM
Technicians and quality personnel will carry out self-inspection of the first sample, Batch production can not begin until the full size is qualifiedMeanwhile length, width,height, verticality, parallelism, cylindricity and contour accuracy can be measured.

                                ▼                                                                    ▼

3.Process Inspection & Circuit Inspection2.5CMM
IPQC-checked regularly After start of mass production, we can find out influence of mechanical equipment changes and tool wear on size in time.Usually takes the image into the computer through CCD for measurement and calculation.

                               ▼                                                                     ▼

4.Air tightness check, water pressure checkHigh Altimeterr
If you have assembled parts of product and required to inspect withstand pressure and leak inspection, we can do it.High Altimeter (also known as altimeter) is used to measure the height of space points relative to the ground.

                               ▼                                                                     ▼

5.Final Inspection of Manufacturing ProcessMicrometerCalipers
FQC is abnormal, it will be considered there is a quality problem between the inspection tour to final product. the FQC is an important link to ensure quality.


6.Full inspection of appearance and key dimensionsComparatorInner diameter micrometer
All finished products will be inspected for scratches, bruises, debris, threads, burrs and other appearance problems.

                              ▼                                                                      ▼

7.Over Quantity CheckPin gauge,block gaugeThread gauge, pass gauge
OQC will carry out strict inspection according to drawings and quantity order. This inspection is also the last defensive wall to prevent the flow of defective products.

                               ▼                                                                      ▼

8. Fill in the quality inspection reportMaterial SheetQuality inspection report
The results of actual measurement are collated and the quality inspection report is made. Delivery with goods to customers.

                              ▼                                                                      ▼

9. PackingRohs reportMSDS Sheet
Finally, it is packed into special cartons or composite boxes to arrange related logistics and transportation


Marketr and Service We Are Committed To Fulfilling Your Needs,We Are Proud Of Your Every Success


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