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Auto Processing Robot Grinding Machine Carbon Steel Material For Faucet

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Auto Processing Robot Grinding Machine Carbon Steel Material For Faucet

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Auto Processing Robot Grinding Machine Carbon Steel Material For Faucet



Robotic Polishing Grinding Machine Introduction


1. Automatic polishing machine is mainly used for the surface polish treatment of bath,automobile,motor and building industry hardware parts.

2. It’s can be free to programme, fully automated work.

3. Consistency: polishing tedious repetitive work, the robot can be continuous and stable operation.

4. The Polishing robot have a high degree of freedom, 5 to 6 axis, suitable for almost any trajectory or angle of work.

5. Automatic pick up the parts after polishing of work pieces, low labor cost.

6. Polishing robots are fully capable of saving time and money while increasing quality.


Application Field : Robotic Automatic Polishing Machines are widely used in Bathroom industry, Hardware industry, Tool industry, Medical


industry, Furniture industry, Automobiles industry, Tableware industry and so on. Such as manufacture kitchen ware, metals components and parts, ironware, metal crafts, metal art ware, kinds of hardware, auto parts, electronic parts etc.


Equipment structure


The equipment consisting of main components:Sand Belt Machine ,Feed Table,Sand belt machine control system,manipulator,fixture ,automatic feed tray and contact wheeland etc.


To fulfill the different product weight and sizere quirement,different requirements for belt sander of customers,we have 4 models for customer options.
 20GA Specifications20GBSpecifications35GSpecifications50GSpecifications
Robot Model20iA/2020iA/2020iA/3520iA/50
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V
Machine Power7.6KW10.5KW11KW16KW
Sand Belt Machine Quantity1222
Sand Belt Quantity4444
Sand Belt Dimensions3000mm×43000mm×44000mm×44000mm×4
Feed Table1111



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