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Address: 2nd, H Blod, Pingqian Industrial Zone Chang'an,Dongguan, Guangdong, China

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Advanced additive manufacturing and rapid industrial 3D prototyping services for defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, architecture, consumer goods and more.


Bole's team of engineers have decades of experience with everything from pre-production models to small batch fabrication in a full range of resins and metals. Tight tolerances, overlays, multi-color, snap-fit pieces or multi-material projects? No problem. Bole helps clients get products to market quickly, without roadblocks.


We aim to help you realise your dreams and so become the frontline of prototype design and manufacture.



Our skills, expertise and experience include work in  Rapid Prototype,  5 axis machining,3 axis machining, SLA3D printing,precision machining as well as Working Prototypes, Vacuum Casting, Master Tooling,  Finishing, Electronics and Manufacture. We provide the highest quality products in the market combined with excellent customer service, speed and efficiency as well as very competitive prices.



Working with prototypes we understand we are often working with very precious ideas and concepts both for large companies and individuals with a vision. With this in mind we offer a fully comprehensive and complete non-disclosure agreement and are fully committed to protecting our clients ideas.



With more than ten-year experience, we develop

and become a very strong one in prototype manufacture field.



We are sure that we can do a great job for you!


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Company Name: BOLE RP&CO.,LTD
City: dongguan
Province: guangdong
Country: china
Address: 2nd, H Blod, Pingqian Industrial Zone Chang'an,Dongguan, Guangdong, China