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Magnesium alloy metal water jet cutting machine with multiple heads

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Magnesium alloy metal water jet cutting machine with multiple heads

Country/Region china
City & Province suzhou jiangsu
Categories Woodworking Machinery

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     Magnesium alloy and metal water cutting machine with multiple cutting heads




The Multiple cutting head means have two or more cutting heads on a cutting platform, that at the same time can perform the cutting task with the same track.

This machine designed Mainly for large quantities of small parts cutting, the capacity can be doubled under equivalent energy consumption.


Please let us know your what kinds of products you are going to cut, the Max. size, thickness, then the correct CNC water jet cutting machine proposal and corresponding quotation will be sent to you asap.





1, Cutting table


1.1. Structure feature

--Casting beam and Y-axis base frame make it have excellent precision and stability.

--Machine table body and water tank which are sub aspect structure, less the pressure of sands and machined parts to moving parts.

--X-axis and Y-axis transmit to rolling nut ball screw mandrel.



1.2. Control system

We adopt the famous NAIKY controlling system and MITSUBISHI AC servo digit driving system and AC servo motors.



1.3. Machine chief technical parameter

Structure: Bridge

Size( X and Y): 3100*1600mm

X-axis: 3000mm

Y-axis: 1500mm

Z-axis: 200mm

Repeatability: 0.02mm

X.Y speed: 0-15meter/min

Control accuracy: ±0.01mm

Cutting accuracy: ±0.1mm


Power: 380VAC, 50HZ, 3 phase 4 wires system.



1.4. Transmission system

We adopt the HIWIN (Taiwan) lead rail and gear rack to ensure accuracy durable and quality.


1.4.1. Prevention system

--over travel auto spacing function and soft spacing function;

--Unique prevention design: new mazy protection and Z-axis totally enclosed professional design prevent sand and water-from eroding the guide screw and lead rail.


1.4.2. Lubrication system

We adopt the auto mass lubrication system to make oil reach every oil site on time and also make table steadier and easier.



1.5. Abrasive cutting system


1.5.1. The cutting efficiency of this machine integrative abrasive cutting head is one of the highest machines in the world.

--it has rectification function and lessens the time of assembling

--changing the wearing parts is very simple


1.5.2. The machine’s HP water switch

--air valve can open and closed the HP water instantaneously.

--with the help of CNC we can control HP water automatically.

--blockage pressure can be adjustable arbitrarily to realize the operation under the low pressure circumstances.


1.5.3. Sand feeding system

Dynamic sand feeding

Manual makes up the sand for the feeder (assisted with sand meter, auto feeder can realize automatically feeding)


1.5.4. DCAS-B sand valve

--Dynamic sand feeding

--Dynamic type comes over traditional type.

--Manual type makes the operation easier.

--With the help of CNC we can control abrasive automatically.


1.5.5. Sand hopper

--Side-handing sand hopper

--There is a window on the side face, it can remind workers when to feed sand

--It can provide the sand consumption every time after it’s filled up




2. HP system


2.1.1. HP generator

--The configurations single pole two-way plunger type intensifier

--The intensifier assembly is imported from the USA (Accusteam/Hypertherm)

--USA pipeline

--Single-row type water filtering system

--Manual pressure regulation function

--Extra pressure auto stop and protection

--Three-ply safeguards


2.1.2. Chief technical parameter

--Max flow rate: 3.7L/min

--Power: 37KW

--Power supply: 380VAC, 50HZ, 4 phases.



3. CNC controller

3.1.1. CNC configuration

--17” LCD liquid crystal display

--DNC on-line working function

--Functions of returning arbitrary point, bending and circular arc working auto deceleration.

--Functions of cutting figure imitation display.

--80GB memory hard disk

--MITSUBISHI AC servo driver and motor.

--1GB memory card

--Multilingual functions (Chinese, English etc…)

--Drive-by-wire and hand-hold controller (according to requests)


3.1.2. Software

NAIKY PCIMC-6A special software is special for this cutting machine.


The functions of PCIMC-6A are as follows:


--Change DXF document which is educed from AUTOCAD into numerical control process.

--Serial communications between PC and CNC.

--Open database can shore parameters, just click the material, parameter will be loaded automatically.

--Calculate length of line and time automatically

--Cutting track auto imitation function

--The functions of lessening speed on the corner remanding material bridging and lancing.



4. Auto abrasive feeding system


--It provides the functions of shorting and sanding sands for the machine, also improves the automation and lessens intensity of labor.

--Capacity: 170L

--High accuracy can remain workers when to feed sands.



5. Auto water cooling system

--Guarantee that hydraulic system can be used circularly.

--Save water



6. Machine parts details










CNC water jet cutting machine

High pressure system: WJ-3742


Max. pressure: 420MPA





Cutting table: WJ-L3015Cutting size: 3000*1500mm
CNC control systemBased on Window with NC studio
4Abrasive feeding systemWJ-A170L1
5Water cooling systemWJ-B 1
6Main motors//SIEMENS 
7Spare partsList 1 & list 2Free with the machinefree


List 1- Special tools
ItemMain DescriptionsQuantity
160K intensifier Tool kit ( For H-P Seal)1
2Wrench Girth ( For H-P Cylinder)1
3Wrench, Spanner ( For end Cap)1
4Wrench, Spanner ( For HIGH PRESSURE SWITCH)1
5Spanner ( For water filter)1
6Blue Lubricant1



List 2- spare parts free with the machine
3HP water switch kit1
4HP seal1
5LP seal1
6LP check valve repair kit1
7Filter element ( 5 micron)1
8Filter element( 1 micron)1
9Filter element(0.5 micron)1
10O ring and assembled ferrule1
11Accumulator seal1
12Accumulator valve pad1
13Connecter of pipe2
14Shield cap2
15Air valve repair kit1



Machine Chief parts brand and manufacturer comments:





This Machine cutting speed data for reference (the exact cutting speed data depend on the actual real materials)


Conditions:0.25mm ruby,0.8mm nozzle


Material typeThickness(mm)Cutting speed(420MPA model)mm/min
Doubling glass21720













Stainless steel sheet


Steel Sheet31440


Aluminum Alloy sheet and magnesium alloy sheet




The water jet cutting photos for reference







We can customized different kinds of water jet cutting machines depend on customers actual requirements, welcome to contact us for more informations,thanks !

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