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18kw Upgraded Sensorless Vector Control Vfd , Variable Frequency Converter VC690

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18kw Upgraded Sensorless Vector Control Vfd , Variable Frequency Converter VC690

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Product Details


VC690 18kw Upgraded vector CNC spindle VFD AC converter for CNC machine tool


The Main Hardware Features-- Variable Frequency Converter


* Dual CPU processing, more precise control


* Standard configuration 5-digit LED keypad, standard RJ45 Keypad connector


* 5.5 kW and above with standard DC choke


* 22kW and below with standard internal brake unit


* Above 22kW models, if the internal brake unit fitted or not, could be selected by the model reference


* Internal EMC filter with breakpoint design, convenient for access and disconnection, meet different application requirements


* PCBA coating process, increase environment adaptability


Our Advantage

1. Twenty years experience in R & D and manufacturing experience for CNC spindle VFD.

2. Fast and accurate positioning,arbitrary indexing,C-axis interpolation,rigid tapping.

3. High reliability and smooth operation,low speed large torque, super fast start and stop

4. Easy and simple debug and maintenance,18 months warranty(above 100pcs 36 months warranty).

5. If you feel your machine doesn’t enough strength, acceleration / deceleration is not fast enough, the spindle needs to be positioned, the spindle drive is not reliable ..., please contact iNVOEE immediately.


Company Profile

INVOEE,China top one brand of CNC spindle VFD.We focus on CNC lathe spindle VFD inverter research and prouction with rich experience, high precision,easy operation and maintenance.
VC610,VC660,VC680,VC690 gradually upgraded function are as follows:
VC610 VFD function:
1.stable rotating speed. 2.Stepless speed control. 3.Low speed large torque.4.Quick start and stop.
VC660 VFD has the sames function with VC610,at the same time,it adds Communication port, S curve, external keyboard.
VC680 VFD adds spindle positioning servo function.
VC690 VFD adds:
1. Spindle positioning servo function,
2. Rigid tapping and thread cutting ,
3. Position interpolation.



Types of frequency converters

Adaptive motors


Wire gauge (main circuit) (mm²)Air CB (A)Electromagnetic contactor (A)


Selection table of output terminal functions

SettingsCorresponding functionsDescription of output indication (terminal output is valid when the following conditions are satisfied)
0Terminal in idleThe terminal has no any output function. Excessive output terminals can be set as idle.
1Frequency converters readyNo faults occur to the frequency converters, busbar voltage is normal, and the states of all output terminals are ascertained.
2RunningRun signals and output frequency or voltage (possibly 0) exist in frequency converters.
3Zero-speed runningThe frequency converters output frequency 0, but still in run state.
4Forward/reverse dead zone awaitingThe frequency converters are in 0 output awaiting before change of rotating directions. Please refer to page 43.
5Start frequency holdingAfter start the frequency converters run at the initially set starting frequency. Please refer to page 41.
6Slope in steady-state runningAfter run the frequency converters accelerate to stable run at the set frequency.
7Slope in accelerated/decelerated runningThe frequency converters are in the state of accelerated/decelerated run.
8Final set frequency directionThe final set frequency is reverse
9Final output frequency directionThe frequency direction final output frequency converters is reverse.
10Low-voltage runningBusbar voltage of the frequency converters is not sufficient to produce the voltage to be output final (the actual output voltage is lower than the calculated output voltage).
11Voltage stall runningBusbar voltage is higher during deceleration of the frequency converters, output frequency stops decreasing and waiting for drop of busbar voltage.
13Stop DC braking awaitingIn the state of waiting for DC braking after stop. Please refer to page 45.
14DC braking runningThe frequency converters are in DC braking running. Please refer to page 45.
15Speed detection runningFrequency converters are detecting rotating speed of motors. Please refer to page 41.
16Frequency upper limitSet frequency≥upper limit frequency and the actual output frequency is equal to upper limit frequency [F01.18].
17Frequency lower limitSet frequency≤lower limit frequency and the actual output frequency is equal to lower limit frequency [F01.19].
19Brake resistor being energizedExternal resistor is in energy consumption of energization.
20Brake resistor overheatingThe usage rate of brake resistor is more than the usage rate set by [F05.02].
22Under-voltage blocking stoppingBusbar voltage of the frequency converters is lower and causes under-voltage blocking (the keyboard displays “iNVOE (P.oFF)”).
23External faultsExternal fault signals appear in the frequency converters and cause stop of the frequency converters.
24Fault outputFault protection appears in the frequency converters. Please refer to the relevant instruction for parameter groups in faults and protection (page 53).
25WarningWarning information appears in the frequency converters.
26Run time expiresAccumulated run time of the frequency converters [F08.05][F08.04]≥set run time [F05.05].
27AVI>ACIAVI input setting percentage>ACI input setting percentage.




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