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110KW Φ 10000 × 50mm Pressure Vessel Dished End Machine / equipment

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110KW Φ 10000 × 50mm Pressure Vessel Dished End Machine / equipment

Country/Region china
City & Province wuxi jiangsu
Categories Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

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NameOther NameBrand Name 
Pressing machine 

Drum press machine

Spinning machine


Leading quality, unique design, good handling, cost-effective.

Can be customized according to customer's requirements.


Can make Φ10000×50mm dished end.


Main cylinder Max. working pressure :20MPa



With this pressing machine,the spinned dished end have smooth surface,small round mark, good roundness, high productivity


Other model can be customized according to customer's demands



Extensive applications of dished end:

Dished end is a major part which on the end cap of pressure vessels,such us storage tanks, heat exchangers, towers, reaction kettles, boilers and separation equipment. So our machine is quite wildly uesd in these fields.







Distance between main housings


Main cylinder Max. working pressure


Main cylinder working speed

Going down: V240-260mm/s,

Press: V12-20mm/s

Returning: V170-220 mm/s


Main motor




Additional requirements 


1, Pressing machine cylinder piston rod adopts chilled cast iron, cylinder adopts 35 # forgings, strokes ensure production of Φ8500mm ellipsoidal dish end.

2, The pressing machine frame stiffness should be sufficient, warranty for 10 years. When the upper mold pressure reaches to 20Mpa, Center deflection degree of upper and lower beam should not exceed 3.7mm (achieve precision pressure level, the deformation f = Δ / L = 1 / 3000). The cylinder piston rod should be chrome painted and polished, machine load should be not less than 26 tons.

3, The seller provides 6 sets pressing tooling, R1300,R1600,R1900,R2500,R3200,R4000 material QT600-3, marked with stamp.

4, With automatic and manual operation functions, pressure could display on gauge and adjustable



Dished end making process and other suggested machines:


1. CNC Gantry Flame and Plasma Cutting Machine

We use this machine to cut the plate. If small dish end, we can cut a whole circle directly, if big dish end, in order to save material, we usually cut two pieces, then weld them into whole circle.


2. Grinder

After welding, we use this small trolley to grind the welding joint and get flat material.


3. YGJ Φ10000×50mm Pressing Machine with toolings

Flat material is loaded into pressing machine. This machine’s piston rod of the master cylinder moves up and down to drive the upper tool to press the raw plate to become the required concave shape.


4. FBJ Φ 10000×50mm Flanging machine wth toolings

  we load this concave shape plate into next machine: dish end flanging or edging machine. The clamping frame functions as the fix and free rotation of dish ends. Pressure wheels make movements based on certain round arc and put force on the dish end blank to make it rotate constantly to form dish ends and make thickness reduction minimum to achieve the ideal state.


5. Edge trimmer

It is used to cut dished end uneven edge.


6. The final dished end


Factory name: Wuxi Dongyang Spinning Equipment Co.,Ltd


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