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Vertical Mechanical Power Press Machine , Sheet Metal Powerpress Machine Safely

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Vertical Mechanical Power Press Machine , Sheet Metal Powerpress Machine Safely

Country/Region china
City & Province anshan liaoning

Product Details

100Tons J23-100 Mechanical Power Press Sheet Metal Manual Punch Press Machine for sale


Detailed Product Description

Electric punching machine

1. Control by foot or hand Pedal.

2. Punching Power( 0.5Ton to 3 Tons ).

3. Compact and safely structure

It has the charactors of good rigidity,high precision,refined structure,top quality,stable,performance and safe and convinent operation.

The major driving manner is that the electromotor drives the fly wheel ,through the function of clutch to punch the cards.Because the punching The speed is fast and the power is strong,the edge of the cards is smoothly cut .The machine is desgined with precise automatic punching location holes.

Main usage:Used in punching, bending, blanking, cutting, riveting, etc. this machine usage with die, safely and high efficiency operate,using high quality material, make sure the edge of finished products beautiful and smoth. the methods of punch crad you can choose by youself, for example, the punch method of adjust edge distance and fixation punch method.



The series punching machine adopt rigid rotated key clutch with simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, helical gear transmission, smooth operation and low impact.

J23-25 open inclinable punching machine, first changed from traditional sliding bearing to ball bearing with higher Wear Resistance, avoid generating big gear noise due to brass faster abrasion.

J23 series open inclinable punching machine is unique in the industry with transmission brass gear.

Redesigned machine body with higher strength, at the same time, completed with ball bearing transmission (small noise).

J23-80 and above tonnage punching machine is in pneumatic dual-balance cylinder structure with low balance fluctuation, balancing slider and upper die weight, and avoiding machine shaking caused by afore-mentioned weight.

Prevent gear backward force colliding and making noise, eliminating clearance between connecting rod and slider and reducing force component impact and abrasion.

Avoid slider falling accidents due to brake failure or connect rod breakage.


Standard Equipment

1. The struct ofthe presslookslike"C” and all parts are installed in the machine body which facilitate easy and safe operation.

2. The press can be tailor made to meet different application requirements.

3. Pressing and with drawing of shaft and sleeve.

4. Bending and deep drawing ofsheet metal.

5. Straighting, forming, cutting and punching ofvarious materials.

Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

1.Technical solution.

2. Online video authentication machine work.

3. Cutting samples provided by DHL.

After-Sales Service

1. Supplier will provide detail manual for software, hardware

and trouble shooting, also supplier should give necessary

guidance online if Buyer need. If it’s necessary, Buyer

should send regular his technical staff to Supplier for

technical training.


ACCURL® machines comply with the strictest EU regulations with referenceto safety. The devices installed guarantee thorough safety of the operatorwithout reducing the pace of work.

1. The most advanced laser systems
2. Safety PLCs able to manage and monitor the action of the proportional valves
3. Visible dual beam linked to the upper tool: should it be is interrupted, it blocks the movement of the Deep drawing
4. Easy adjustment by means of a grading scale
5. Constant monitoring of parameters related to safe


Detailed Images

1. Machine Frame

Name: machine frame


Original: CHINA

ACCURL® machines are designed from the ground up by our expert engineers with only one goal: to build the best machines imaginable. By combining our unique machine designs with the highest quality materials available, we have achieved our objective and invented some of the most reliable and durable machines in the world!


Name: Passion for hydraulics
Brand: Bosch– Rexroth
Original: Germany
ACCURL® hydraulic and electrical systems are constantly custom designed to each machine, so give the best “performances” to individual presses, depending on its use so to maintain a good relationship “cost / benefit”.

3. Machine Parts

The Moving Table sliding blocks, using an accurate adjustment system, ensure full contact on the guides throughout the sliding stroke, providing to the moving elements of the press the optimal parallellism accuracy.

4. Machine Parts

Name: Passion for hydraulics
The hydraulic cylinders are completely designed and built by Gigant Italia S.r.L., the liners are made of forged steel and in case of the larger size cylinders, also the stems are made from forged body so as to ensure the pistons are reliable, safe, durable and are not keen to leaks causing machine downtime.

5. ACCURL Softwaree.

Under tons of steel and power beats a Heart of Technology. PLC and the latest generation of I / O. All controlled by our software specifically developed to help the operator to work in a simple and immediate way.



Nominal PressureTons100
Nominal Pessure Strokemm10
Slide Strokemm130
Stroke per MinuteSpm45
Max.Die Heightmm300
Die Height Adjustementmm100
Throat Depthmm300


Surface Size


Bed Opening



Slide Surface


Size of the handle holemmΦ60x80
Distance between Uprightsmm380
Thickness of Bolstermm100
Inclinable Angledegree25
Main MotorModel Y132M-6



Gross Weightkg7350
Product NamePower Press Machine Manual


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