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Bugaboo Co.,Ltd

About Us

we are a professional factory for the stroller in China. so we have the most competitive price for you. accept paypal . we only use USD  and use the fast  delivery transportation  to you.


Bugaboo strollers are recognized by their clean, streamline design and iconic look. With a broad choice of beautiful colors a Bugaboo stroller can be adjusted to fit any taste, lifestyle and personality.


A Bugaboo stroller is made of high quality materials and delivers durable infant-to-toddler travel systems that eliminate the need for other strollers. This strong foundation along with smart design creates a product that stands the test of time. With machine washable fabric and replaceable spare parts, Bugaboo strollers are built to last through the first, second and third child.


A Bugaboo stroller adapts to any situation so easily, it is hard to find a favorite feature. Is it the reversible seat? The height adjustable and reversible handlebar? Or the choice between big wheels or swivel wheels forward? No matter. You are always have the right stroller with you.


Once you become a parent, you are still the same person. You want to be inspired by an exhibition, enjoy a drink on a terrace, visit a foreign city, take a walk on the beach or decide to meet friends for lunch. There is so much to discover and do. Bugaboo enables you to keep up with your life. And with Bugaboo daytrips you can discover or rediscover more than 20 cities around the world in your own personal and unique way.

Comfort for the parent

As a modern parent you have a full agenda. It is important to be able to move around easily and spontaneously. In and out of the car; on the bus; at the airport; up the stairs; you need a stroller that can keep up the pace. That is how Bugaboo defines comfort for the parent.

Comfort for the child

Sitting up or lying down. Looking at mom and dad or facing the world. Being awake or sound asleep. In a Bugaboo stroller your child is always comfortable. The ergonomic seat, that reverses and reclines in several positions, the innovative and unique Bugaboo suspension and the special tires that ensure a smooth ride, all make your child want to stay in your stroller longer.


With a full line of accessories, all Bugaboo strollers are customizable. Hot and sunny weather? The Bugaboo parasol and sunshade protect against the sun and heat. Slippery snow and chilly temperatures? The foot muff keeps a child warm and the snow wheels ensure a secure and stable ride. Getting thirsty while strolling around? The Bugaboo cup holder offers you an extra hand. A big traveler? The transport bag allows for easy and safe transportation. Bugaboo strollers and accessories allow you to create the right stroller for you.

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Company Name: Bugaboo Co.,Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.cnbugaboostroller.com/