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China Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

China Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

About Us

China Electric (Shanghai) Co., Limited (CHINA ELECTRIC) is specialized in manufacturing and exporting electrical machines.
Its main products are as below:
  • Coreless medium frequency induction melting furnace, holding furnace, smelting furnace, electric arc furnace, ladle refinery furnace
  • Continuous casting machine, CCM
  • Crane, hoisting, elevator, metallurgical, steel mill application DC motor/ AC Motor
  • High voltage motor, squirrel cage motor, slip ring motor, wound rotor motor
  • Vertical hollow shaft motor, VHS motor
Its products are distributed more than 50 countries, such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Iran, Dubai, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and etc.
Customer satisfaction is the mission of CHINA ELECTRIC. Professional, timely and careful is the basic essence and work attitude of CHINA ELECTRIC's every member.
Thanks to the competitiveness both in quality, service and price, CHINA ELECTRIC's products have been exported to most of the countries and regions around the world. CHINA ELECTRIC warmly welcomes customers to further develop business relationship and partnership for prosperous futures.

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Company info

Company Name: China Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Province: Shanghai
Country: China
Address: . Maogang Industrial Park, Songjiang District, Shanghai 201607, China
Website: http://www.cn-electric.com/