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7 Inch Programmable LCD Touch Screen Controller Single Door Sand And Dust Chamber

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7 Inch Programmable LCD Touch Screen Controller Single Door Sand And Dust Chamber

Country/Region china
City & Province dongguan guangdong
Categories Time Switches

Product Details



This machine adopts the PLC programmable controller as the core control part. The performance is


stable and reliable. With touch screen and friendly screen, you can control, set, display test time (A. Dust


time: blowing, stopping, blowing), B. Preset test time can be controlled, etc.). Effectively guarantee the test


according to standard operation.


Programmable controllers individually or collectively control the blower fan, dust vibration and total test


time, No fuse protection switch, over temperature, overload protection, etc.






Volume1 cubic
Interior dimensionW1000×D1000×H1000 mm
Exterior dimensionAbout W1450×H1900×D1100 mm

Technical specification

Test environmental conditions

Ambient temperature +25℃. Relative humidity≤85%

Atmospheric pressure:86~106kpa

Temperature rangeRoom temperature
Humidity range<65%R.H
Dust concentration (dust)2~4kg/m3
Airflow velocity2-10M/S
Blowing dust time1s~99h adjustable
Vibrating time1s~99h adjustable
Dust for experiment

The talcum power can pass through a aquare-meshed sleve 75µm the nominal wire diameter is 50µm

Dust 2-4Kg/m3

NoiseA sound level ≤ 75dB (A) (1m away from the ground in front of the ground height 1.2m, free space)

Structure and composition



Interior material304 Stainless steel
Exterior materialDouble-sided galvanized steel, the surface spray treatment
Sealing stripUsing high-quality silicone rubber seal, good sealing to prevent leakage, has good anti-aging and high temperature characteristics.
DoorSingle door
Observation windowTempered glass observation window with manual wiper
LightsInside chamber installed high penetration indoor explosion-proof lights
Cable portWith 1* Φ100 cable port on the left side of the chamber
Dustproof socketBox with 220V power outlet

Dust system

Blowing dust fanDomestic brand-name high-power vortex fan
Blowing dustThe upper part of the chamber is equipped with sand dust outlet. The sand and dust in the dust funnel are blown into the laboratory through the dust blower to carry out sand and dust test.
Sample housing evacuatedEquipped with a vacuum pump for evacuating the sample housing
Dust collectionThe inner box adopts a conical bottom which gathers in the vicinity of the blow hole of the inner box when the dust falls, and equipped with a periodic vibrator, dust outlet, shut down to remove dust.
System Configuration


Equipped with a pressure gauge, vacuum pump, air filtration, pressure regulator triple pieces, connecting pipe

Dust filtrationPrecision dust filters, filter bag. Balance the pressure inside and outside the box

Dust drying system

Temperature control equipmentHeating ring, before the nozzle of dust
Control methodHeater control: non-contact cycle pulse width modulation, SSR (solid state relay)

Control Panel

Siemens true color touch screen + Siemens PLC control

Remote control system (optional)

Controller remote control software is available. The customer installs by themself. (RS485 interface must be on the computer, the company can provide the RS485 interface, PCI card) or provide the computer installation and commissioning by the company. (Optional)

Vacuum pumping system

Vacuum pumpExhaust flow 3000L / h, the ultimate pressure of 2pa (vacuum pump parameters)
Pressure SensorHigh-precision voltage sensor -100 ~ 0KPa
Electronic flowmeterHigh - precision gas flow sensor

Sample holder

Bearing more than 450KG

Standard configuration

Sample rack: 1 set

Test hole: Φ100 test hole 1,

Lighting: 1

Power cord hole

On the back of power distribution cabinet

Fixed foot

6# Channel steel chassis + high-strength casters

Electrical control system



Controller7 inch Programmable LCD touch screen controller, standby constant (manual) parameter settings and program settings. Real-time display the vacuum pressure, flow.
Program executionWith four output points at the same time complete the four different time program execution
Time period controlEach output point of the programmable controller has two time period control (namely start time and stop time)
Time control modeSeparate or collective time control of the blower fan, dust vibration and total test time.
Test timeMaximum 9999
Vacuum controlThrough the pressure sensor, flow sensor controlled pressure



Product Main Features


1. Chamber exterior material: high-quality steel plate spray treatment. Interior material: stainless steel


plate. Double tempered glass with observation window (with wiper). It is easy to observe the status of the


test sample in the test chamber. The bottom of the chamber use high quality fixed casters. Replacement


dust device at the bottom of the chamber


2. Blowing dust fan time automatically alternately, vibration and stop vibration time automatically





Product details





After-sales Service and Training


Charge-free warranty will last for 1 year from the date of equipment acceptance. After the warranty


period, the user will be charged properly. Irregular examination and life-long service are available;


Note: If needed, provide 2 operators for on-site installation and training

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