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Cixi Huize company

About Us

Cixi Huize company is focused on the construction of the system module of plastic products manufacturing company, is the world's first use of magic block to build a variety of different things, so that users can create a heart of their home and life, people can be these different forms of magic block stacked together, quickly build any pattern or any size items, all items of course build can be easily disassembled and re assembled, it is characteristic of this can be used repeatedly because of the magic block system into a green way to build the one and only.
Magic block system makes it easy for companies or individuals to establish large objects using a series of universal magic block, we design, manufacture and sale of magic block, trying to establish a global network of agents and distributors in the world, to share our products to all parts of the friends.
A brief introduction to design and construction is the core of the company's view of the world. Our design philosophy is to make it easier to use people's imagination, ideas and love to create new objects and things.
Like our childhood toys, this allows us to express ourselves and achieve our vision of creativity.
A versatile multipurpose magic block, which can build anything, whether it is a modular furniture, houses, and even the whole building is cut off, the whole process is not be nothing difficult, need to use the tool, you can complete the manual.
Use location: wild garden, indoor, school, villas, residential, park, garden, mountain, forest, beach, roof, scenic area, desert, grassland, beach, boat, public activity area, square, park, farm, garden, street shops, resorts, etc..

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Company info

Company Name: Cixi Huize company
Country: China
Website: http://www.cixihuize.com/