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2018 China (Guangzhou) Small Home Appliances and Kitchen Appliances Fair
Connecting to the world to create opportunities of fortune
Date: April 15-17, 2018 Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou· International Purchasing Center

Invitation Letter
Guangdong Household Electrical Appliance Association
Guangzhou HuaXin Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Wenhua Media Co.,Ltd
Zhongshan Household Electrical Appliances Association
Ningbo Household Electrical Appliances Association
Wenzhou Household Electrical Appliances Association
Anhui Household Electrical Appliances Chamber of Commerce
Anhui Province Information Household Appliance Industy Association
Guangzhou HuaXin Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Since “the 13th Five-Year Plan”, new home appliance brands have constantly emerged. As the post-1980s and post-1990s generations gradually become the main consumers amid the

prosperous development of e-business consumption, small home appliances are increasing in number; the market size also expands by leaps and bounds; investment prospect is

optimistic. Meanwhile, consumers require more for small home appliances and kitchen appliances. Labels including fashion, energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and

intelligence will become keywords pursued in the market. The brand marketing of small home appliances and kitchen appliances becomes the key point of achieving a success for the

new round of market competition.

With the implementation of “One Belt and One Road” initiative and “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” strategic planning, Guangzhou will give play to regional

advantages and strongly attract more domestic and foreign businessmen to invest and trade. 2018 China (Guangzhou) Small Home Appliances and Kitchen Appliances Fair (CHSAF)

positions itself on “connecting to the world to create wealth”, sticks to the concept of “serving small and medium-sized enterprises and strengthening brand enterprises” and

depends on the convenient conditions of the contemporaneous Canton Fair to strive to create an “international, professional and pragmatic” grand gathering in the industry of

home appliances and kitchen appliances. The sponsor will unite with the media resources of the industry and publicize the exhibition activity in an all-round way. Many wonderful

activities such as innovation competition of home appliances, new product release meeting, procurement docking meeting and brand award ceremony will bring more opportunities of

trade cooperation. In addition, the sponsor will organize overseas businessmen to negotiate on commerce and business at the fair, boost the increase of export trade volume of

enterprises and realize the multi-dimensional propagation of brands.
Theme forum: 2018 Forum of Smart Home Appliances
Contemporaneous contest: 2018 Innovation Contest of Chinese Small Home Appliances
Contemporaneous event: Launch Meeting/Releasing Meeting for New Products in Home Appliance Industry in 2018
Acknowledgements :

China National Household Electric Appliances Commercial Association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Guangdong Branch, China CDO Elite Club (CDO),

Zwilling, LINKFAIR, Husk’s Ware, Vatti, Hongbang, Macro, Kangyu, Impower, Midea, Panasonic, Philips, Gree, Haier, Puppy, Flyco, Lemeijia, Country Garden, Vanke, Evergrande,

Greenland Group, CFLD, Poly Group, R & F Properties and China Resources (Holdings) Company Limited.
1. Sharing numerous business opportunities with Spring Canton Fair
CHSAF2018 will be held during the same period with Spring Canton Fair. The two fairs will share 300,000 international businessmen. Hence, the exhibitors will be able to contact

with foreign businessmen sufficiently, so that they can develop foreign trade channels, thus increasing their export volume.
2. Experts interpret policies with regard to export of home appliances
Experts of “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” will be invited to interpret policies with regard to export of home appliances and analyze the import and export trends of

home appliance market in “the Thirteenth Five-year Plan”, and share the cutting-edge technologies and market operation experience in line with Made in China 2025.
3. Discussing the future development trend of home appliance industry
At 2018 Forum of Smart Home Appliances, the experts and senior executives in the industry will focus on discussing the dilemma faced by the market and the future development trend

of the market. They will express their targeted opinions on the four industrial difficulties, including “many kinds of products are seriously homogeneous and are more expensive

than ‘their real value’; it’s difficult to get after-sales service such as maintenance for the products which are not frequently used; repairing is more expensive than buying a

new one, and the manufacturers are contending for producing smart products blindly; the market faces disorders everywhere”. They’ll offer new and better ways for promoting the

sound development of the industry, which will be apparently a feast of thought and resources!
4. Innovative small home appliances will appear at the fair
Innovation Contest of Chinese Small Home Appliances will be held during the fair. Winners will be selected based on technology, and the products with the most attractive

appearances will be popular. In this way, the brands will be exposed to the greatest extent, so as to attract more attention in the market, thus increasing the brand value.
5. Maximizing promotion on media to put more efforts into publicity
CHSAF2018 will cooperate with both online media and traditional media to publicize the fair in different ways in an all-around manner. It will focus on publicizing at foreign

portals and SNSs such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Usnook and Detik, etc. In this way, the fair will be publicized widely both home and abroad.
6. The services for the fair will be more professional
CHSAF2018 has a leading international customer service team composed of 30 staff. They’ll send the information of the fair to overseas businessmen via telephone, WeChat and E-

mail etc. During the fair, the organizing committee will arrange staff to offer one-to-one connection in order to look for products for foreign businessmen and look for buyers for

enterprises. After the fair, the organizing committee will give out the collected information to the exhibitors for them to contact with businessmen in future. The numerous data

of buyers will be helpful for enterprises to find traders and cooperators more precisely and more efficiently.
Exhibition Scope

I. Kitchen appliances: range hood, cooker, dish-washing machine, disinfection cabinet, soy milk maker, juicer, coffee maker, rice cooker, microwave oven, induction cooker,

electric baking pan, electric pressure cooker, electric oven, electric frying pan, bread maker, egg boiler, eggbeater, kitchen water heater, peeler, ice crusher, blender, ozonator

and barbecue appliances etc.
II. Home appliances for bathroom: electric water heater, heat-pump water heater, gas water heater, air source (energy) water heater, solar water heater, on-demand water heater,

water heater tap, hair drier, bath heater, soap dispenser, hand drier, bidet and exhaust fan etc.
III. Home appliances for cleaning: vacuum cleaner, robot sweeper, shoe shiner, ironing board, electric mosquito dispeller, electric iron, toilet deodorization device, garbage

disposer, air purifier, oxygen bar, towel softening machine, clothes drier, dehydrator, dehumidifier and shoe drier, etc.
IV. Home appliances for air conditioning: electric fan, dehumidifier, humidifier, air purifier, negative ion generator and small oxygen concentrator etc.
V. Home appliances for personal care: hair drier, hair straightener, electric shaver, hair curler, electric toothbrush, cosmetic instrument and electric breast pump etc.
V. Gifts of small home appliances: kitchen ware, cooking utensils, cups and glasses, hardware for daily life, hardware for kitchen, tea set, desk lamp, automatic shoe cover

dispenser, electric toothbrush, sterilizer, ozonator, purifier, clothes drier, humidifier, noodle maker and massagers.
VII. Leisure appliances:Balance car, Twist car,massage armchair, massager, foot bath basin, sphygmomanometer, thermometer and body fat meter etc.
VIII. Home appliances for water disposal: water dispenser, water purifier, purifying water tap and water softener
IX. Accessories,:electronic components, heating pipe, heating plate, heating ring, heating film, heating plate, rod, core, high temperature cable, etc .; steel, magnesium rod,

engineering plastics, alloy, silver contacts and other raw materials, Generic parts and mold; smart home appliances solutions; OEM and service providers; home appliances

production equipment and auxiliary materials;

Booth Price
Luxurious booth: RMB 12800 yuan/booth
Standard booth: RMB 9800 yuan/booth
Raw space
36m2 as a minimum
RMB 1000 yuan/m2

Guangzhou HuaXin Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Add: Room 8417, Level 4, Fengshi Trade Building, No. 1023, Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City
Tel: 86-20-32095791 32095691
E-mail: chsaf2018@163.com

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2018 China (Guangzhou) Small Home Appliances and Kitchen Appliances Fair Connecting to the world to ...
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