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Gas Grill Barbecue Burner HD220

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Gas Grill Barbecue Burner HD220

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Product Details

Gas Grill Barbecue Burner HD220
Type: HD220
Gas type: LPG or NG
Dimension: 220L*170W*60H (mm)
Weight: 0.9Kg/PC
Heat output: 10000BTU/hr or 2.94KW/hr
Gas consumption: 0.22Kg/hr for LPG at the pressure rating of 2.8Kpa
0.29m3/hr for NG at the pressure rating of 2.0Kpa
Company Profile:
We are specialized in manufacture of wide range of Infrared Burner, Catalytic burner, gas burner, BBQ grill burner, gas BBQ burner, industrial burner, oven heater, gas heater.
Keeping abreast with the latest advancements in technology, being strong backed by senior engineers and technicians, through several years' development, we now have a factory with professional team which enable us to become a leading & reliable manufacturer in China
Summary of product:
1. Infrared catalytic burner uses the porous cordierite honeycomb combustion plate with a special catalyst coated as a core component.
Its catalytic combustion is the best combustion mode, which means that gas (natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas) and combustion-supporting gas (air) are mixed according to the scientific proportion through burner shell (pre-mixed room) with the precise design and manufacturing.
2. Ignited by the electric pulse igniter, the gas mixture is burning on surface of catalyst which lies in the holes of porous cordierite honeycomb plate.
3. The vast majority(95%) of the heat generated in the form of infrared radiation penetrate the object directly, put an end to energy loss caused by heating the air to heat the object, the mode of heat convection heating, greatly improve the energy conversion ability so as to further save the energy (save 60% of the operation costs under the same industrial conditions compared to the ordinary heating mode --electric heating ).
4. Gas is almost under complete combustion as a result of catalytic combustio. The flue gas pollution is extremely low (CO
1. Energy saving: Conversion rate: ‰¥ 90%
2. Environmental friendly: CO‰¤ 80ppm; NOx‰¤ 10ppm; CHx‰¤ 50ppm
3. High radiation efficiency:
Whole combustion: 95% of energy released in the form of infrared ray; Heating the objects directly;
4. Long useful time: ‰¥ 11000hr
5. Easily installed
Main Purpose of HD220 Gas Infrared BBQ Burner:
1. Barbeque, food baking process and so on. It can save 50% energy when using this kind of products;
2. Mainly installed on the innermost firewall of ovens;
3. The combustion front is at right angle to a plane. So it is usually called back furnace;
4. It is widely used in high-grade combined-type oven in North America and in snack car/teppanyaki/duck furnace in China.&
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Weight (kg)ConsumptionHeat Output
m 3 /hkg/hBTU/hKW/h

Furnace type
                            Oil furnaceCoal-fired furnace Infrared catalytic heaters
Energy requirement
10, 000Kcal10, 000Kcal10, 000Kcal10, 000Kcal
Energy consumption 
Electricity(15 kW/h)

Electricity (1Kw/h)+ diesel (2Kg)

Coal (10Kg) 
Heating time 
20 minutes
40 minutes90 minutes
5-8 minutes 

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