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SUPER-200P/welding /welder/(CUT-MMA-TIG-AC-DC- PULSE)

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ZhanJiang Chuang Bo welder Ltd/professional welding machines

SUPER-200P/welding /welder/(CUT-MMA-TIG-AC-DC- PULSE)

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Product Details



Product Details



5 in 1 combination welding device:TIG welder with 200 ampManual metal arc welding (MMA) with 200 ampAC function allows also a welding of cast aluminum components and non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze)
TIG pulse function increases the welding precision Integrated Plasma cutter with 50 amp / (CUT 50)


Highest efficiency for all requirements with reproducible welding results and excellent quality through the fully digital inverter welding technology
Easy to understand operating concepts for each choice of particular setting, so you can concentrate fully on your welding task
Through powerful TIG arc - faster, better and easier welding across the entire power range
Intelligent housing design with optimized air exchange
Powerful, high duty cycle of 60% at 200 amps
TIG pulse function increases the welding precision
Quickly cooling ventilator allows a exploitation of maximum power
Volume and weight reduction by high-frequency welding of 100 Khz
Energy saving
TIG welding of 0.8 up to10 mm with consistently high quality
Even thin sheet welding is possible
The plasma torch work with a commercial air compressor (about 5, 5 bar)
Separate sockets for earth clamp when it is MMA-TIG or CUT functions-
Make SUPER200P more stable and less interferences when switching functions.


SUPER200P is particularly suitable when quality welds are extremely important. Private gardening -  vehicle, motorcycles, cars, trucks, classic cars, model making, stair  and balcony railings -  or in the professional and industrial sectors such as shipbuilding, aida, metal, metalwork, aircraft, garden, plant, and scaping and welding schools , -and metal tool, with stair and balcony railings, pipes, tanks, appliances, car bodies. The highest quality requirements are met successfully with SUPER200P.

Always a clean weld on all workpieces !!!
The newly developed WIG TIG INVERTER series and welding equipment, allows you not only steel, but also un-and low-and high-alloy steels, nickel-based alloys, copper, and special materials and other ferrous metals with DC function (direct current) perfect to weld. For precision welding of cast aluminum components and non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze), SUPER200P is features with an AC function. With the system chip MOSFET (Toshiba) our devices have a high-performance technology that is proven since 1998. The SUPER200P includes the most modern, innovative, easy-to-use quality engineering, so even beginners with the TIG welding process work easily.
Compared to conventional welding equipment, the unique HF Inverter technology has many advantages. Smaller volume, reduced weight, continuously variable regulation, energy saving etc.. The application of inverter technology allows a focused and permanent power output. This made ​​an adjustment much more precise and practical. Our welder is working in a tube package with a ball joint and integrated switch (comparable models work with cable ties).
Precision metering with TIG pulse function
The increased arc stability provides better welding precision. Thanks to this pulse functions, you can deeper weld in the workpiece (10 mm) without it ever gets too hot. A burn of the workpiece is prevented and a clean and stable weld is the result.
The pulse function is particularly suited for welding thin plates whose materials may be heated only slightly. Also thin sheets can be welded without burning. During the welding operation for a specified time (depending on the setting), the arc is uploaded with energy and automatically reduced.
Welding with comfort
You can use the TIG AC / DC series with a foot pedal, that will allow you a convenient and comfortable welding.

Pulse function: more power without increasing the temperature of the material substantially, preventing the combustion of the workpiece.
2 Stroke and 4 Stroke – circuit: at 2-stroke, the torch button of the TIG tube package  has to remain pressed and held. Once the button is released the arc is extinguished. At 4-stroke the arc remains stable after pressing. Only by pressing the torch button the arc is extinguished and the current reduction occurs automatically with the gas-run time. Professional settings in which you achieve results of a quality that impress even the professional user.
Antistick: prevents annealing of the electrode (less consumable electrodes), because the power is immediately terminated.
Hot Start:automatic voltage increase at the start
HF Ignition:high-frequency contactless ignition to the workpiece.
MMA:manual metal arc welding.
TIG tube packagewith ball joint and with integrated control switch.
Adjustable welding current: adjustable between 0 and 200 A (for pulse mode upper value).
Automatic slow current reduction after switching off the tube package. Adjustable between 0 - 10 seconds (makes a clean finish, there are no blowholes).
Gas preliminary time: important to protect the weld from air supply and to create a gas atmosphere
Gas post flow time: saves the tungsten electrode against excessive wea. and protects the weld from oxidation.
Gas magnetic valve:will open only when pressing the hand torch or the foot pedal and closes when the welding process is completed.
Welding with pulsing: penetrates deeper into the workpiece
Pulse frequency: adjustable between 0,5 - 200 Hz
Pulse current: adjustable between 10 % - 90 %
Pulse intensity of welding current: adjustable between 20% -60%
Spray arc circuit:  MMA-Mode (stoving improved, more stable arc) 
Automatic coolingventilators.
Overheating protection:turns on when the device is overloaded. A red control light turns on, and goes off when the device is cooled.
Current shift: only for aluminum welding of importance. AC welding causes a shift of the current to positive or negative wave motion of the current
Integrated Plasma cutter with 50 amp
Cutting power up to 12 mm, depending on material:construction steel ST37 to 12 mm, V2A to 8 mm, Aluminium up to 7-8 mm. These are real data (look at the video).
Very important: Only after you have pressed the switch from the TIG tube or the foot pedal, the amp setting is shown.


Rated voltage

   AC 220 V   

Input frequency 

50/60 Hz

Input current

20 A

Power capacity

4,5 KVA

Output current

200 A

Display of output current:        



0 - 200 A

Plasma Cut

50 A

Working voltage

18 V


0-2 S

AC Output frequency


Gas preliminary time

0 - 2 S

Gas post flow time

  0-10 S 

Slow current reduction

0-10 S

Current shift


Arc deflection TIG

HF - Ignition

Load collective TIG

60 % at 200 A

Remote control

Yes: optional foot pedal

Overcurrent protection

16 A



Output factor


IIsolation Class


Safety class   



20 kg


    493 x 330 x 320 mm   

Weld Intensity

10 mm

Cutting power

12 mm


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