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4D Motion Cinema

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Introduce:4D Motion Cinema 4D cinema and general difference is that it is the seat with three degrees of freedom or six degrees of freedom platform as the carrier of the audience, audience who can not only changes along the video content in real time feel the storm, lightning, rain, impact, spray mist, Paitui other side of the three-dimensional image corresponding to the occurrence of the event, but seating will happen with the plot and down, tilt, swing and other sports. That is the key dynamic 4D theater.
Three Degrees of Freedom Chair
Three degrees of freedom is a core of three seat movement and displacement sensors and valve cylinder blocks, seats generally use a special design, different from the normal theater seats, with vibration, spray, jet, leg sweep, the three degrees of freedom movement and other functions.
Six degrees of freedom platform
Six degrees of freedom motion platform is a six cylinder, up and down the six universal joints, and upper and lower platforms, fixed on the basis of the next platform, with six electric cylinder telescopic movement, complete with platform space of six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, , , ) movement, which can simulate a variety of space motion gesture.
Cinema 4D dynamic power system
Since the movement of dynamic characteristics of 4D theater, cinema must be equipped with seat power system or platform to support the action, generally with pneumatic, hydraulic or electric in several ways.
Dynamic 4D cinema projection systems
Most dynamic 4d cinema projection systems with dual-polarization projection, digital cinema projectors can also be used as a screening device, three-dimensional image projection systems require high definition, brightness, color reproduction is good, has good ornamental
Dynamic screen cinema 4D
4D theater show based on dynamic requirements of, the general use of special materials as metal screen coating, than the average gain of up to 3.8-4.8 1.8-2.8 gain better performance. High-gain performance of the image will be more on the clean and brightly lit, the theater's large screen, coupled with high brightness of the machine, you need to meet the theater in high gain multi-angle viewing, more people watch movies while the polarization of light is filtered out because the machine too, that need high gain metal screen to the performance, the higher the gain, the stronger the reflected light, look more bright.
Dynamic 4D cinema digital sound system
Cinema 4D commonly used dynamic to play 5.1 channel, (ie front left, front right, middle, surround left, surround right). Movie theater for special needs or special, you can upgrade to 6.1 or even 7.1-channel sound system to enhance the environment. For example, an increase in the theater over the channel used to simulate the flight, thunderous sound and other effects..

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