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Kevlar Rope

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Kevlar Rope

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Product Details

1.Material: 100% Dupont Kevlar Fiber
2.Heat resistance: up to 500 centigrade
3.Application: Conveying rollers

Aramid Ropes , kevlar rope

Material: 100% Dupont Kevlar Fiber 

Heat resistance: up to 500 centigrade  high durability  

Application: Conveying roller cover in the flat glass industry and hollow glass industry, protect  the glass from touching the rollers.  Sizes:5.5*5.5mm,6*6mm,8*3mm,9*3mm,9*4mm,12*3mm,12*4mm,12*5.5mm,13*3mm,13*3.5mm,14mm*3mm,14mm*4mm Some special sizes are tailor made.  

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