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Full steel lab fume hood / fume cupboard / fume chamber for chemistry laboratory

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Full steel lab fume hood / fume cupboard / fume chamber for chemistry laboratory

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Packaging Details

Full steel lab fume hood / fume cupboard / fume chamber for chemistry laboratory
Packing: Carton case or Wooden box


Any port of China

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At least Shipped in 30 days after payment


Full steel lab fume hood / fume cupboard / fume chamber for chemistry laboratory

1. Product Specifications

Product Name

lab fume hood / fume cupboard / fum

e chamber


1200(W)*850(D)*2350(L) mm;

1500(W)*850(D)*2350(L) mm;

1800(W)*850(D)*2350 (L) mm.


1.2mm thickness of cold-rolled steel plate, after acid washing, phosphide and electrophoresis,

sprayed with good quality anti-corrosion static coating.

Inside Lining4mm thickness of Compact.

1) 16/19/25mm thickness Epoxy Resin

2) 12.7/13/16/20mm thickness Pheniloc Resin

3) 25mm thickness Stainless Steel

4) 20mm thickness Ceramics

5) 50mm thickness Marble

Sash6mm of tempered glass.
Sash Handle2mm Cold-rolled steel powered with epoxy coating.
IlluminationWith not less than 300 Lux 30W fluorescent lamp set.
Cup sinkOval shaped PP Cup sink.
Water TapMolded in one piece copper water tap, epoxy powder coating surface with a ceramic valve.
Valve1Water valve. (by custom).
Exhausting DuctAnti-corrosion PP/PVC duct.

With 1.5mm thickness of cold-rolled steel plate, after acid washing, phosphide and ‘dian yong’,

sprayed with good quality anti-corrosion static coating.

Technical specificationNoise: less than 60db (International standard), Face velocity: 0.5m/s, 220V.

With an intelligent automatic delay protection device to exhaust residual corrosion air

completely and prolong the service time of fume cupboard.

Socket4 Electric sockets, (By custom).
Exhaust fan

Not include exhausting duct &exhaust fan, will provide after receiving the detailed design of

exhaustion duct.

2. Photo Of Fume Hood


3. More Choices


Product Line: fume hood, steel/wooden work bench(central island and wall station), balance table and cabinet; sourcing qualified lab fitting and stool.

Please click the below picture for more information:


Laboratory Furniture


5. Manufacturing & Packaging & Shipping


Lab furniture factory-2.jpg

Modern School Furniture/Lab Chemical/Epoxy Resin Worktop/Workbench




6. Projects Reference & Valuable clients

Laboratory Furniture


Laboratory Furniture


Laboratory Furniture


Product Description

Laboratory Fume Hood, Fume Cupboard

Ø Bench-top lab fume hood
Ø Walk-In lab fume hood
Ø PP Fume Hood
Ø Stainless Steel Fume Hood
Ø ...
SIZE (standard)
1200(W)*800(D)*2350(H)mm, 1500(W)*800(D)*2350(H)mm, 1800(W)*800(D)*2350(H)mm, or customized
White, Blue, or customized
Industrial Ceramic/Epoxy Resin/Laminate/Stainless Steel
1.2mm first grade cold-rolled steel construction
Two layer toughen glass made from blast-proof glass lined with glue which sticks to broken glass in case of accidents, thus ensuring the safety of the operator. 6mm thickness, motor control, height adjustable.
Ceramics, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, or stainless steel board
The sash slides smoothly in a vertical manner. It is made of at least 6mm thick clear tempered glass to protect the user while providing excellent visibility.
Ceramic fiberboard or compact laminate, it is a high temperature and high pressure decorative plates, water proof, resistant to moisture, impact, abrasion, acid corrosion, and heat resistance, it can prevent the accumulation of contaminants and keep gas, mist flow discharge.
Used to control the start and stop of the fume hood, LCD display, can be manually controlled to fan, light and volume.
It is a frame structure under the detoxification cabinet which can allow the operator to have free space for desired short cabinet to be located within.
Ceramic or PP sink with acid and alkali resistance
The water faucet nozzles are made of high quality copper and coated in epoxy resin powder, water faucets are specially designed for use in labs. Subject to change accordingly with customer’s desires.
Environment friendly, electronically applied powder coat finish.
1. Modular electric sockets panel and control devices
2. Removable painted metal plugging (outside)
3. Two tubes fluorescent lamp (LED on request)

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