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Huangyan yali plastic machine co.,ltd

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Address: 528 Huangjiao Raod,Huangyan,Zhejiang,China

Phone: 576-84250095

Huangyan yali plastic machine co.,ltd

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The various models produced by the Blow machine, the application of PET and PP, PE, PC, PA, ABS, and other raw materials to Blow, produces three gallons and 5 gallons of mineral water barrels, bottles of mineral water, medicine, cosmetics bottles, such as Tank and space Cup. The Company Blow machine compared with the international Similar Products in Blow quality, quantity same premise, the prices of similar products not to the 10% of the country, and simple, high-yield is successful an ideal choice.
The purpose of the Company: Quality First, the credibility paramount, and rapid delivery, after-sales service timely and thoughtful. Chinese and foreign customers wholeheartedly welcome the presence negotiate!

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Special design for PET Gallon Bottle up to 5 Gallon Can produce jumbo wide mouth jar up to 20 liter ...
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QCS-10A-2 is a kind of manual Stretch-Blow Molding Machine and is very ideal to produce PET bottle ...
QCS-5000 is automatic stretch blow molding machine used in two-step bottle production line.It is ...

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Company Name: Huangyan yali plastic machine co.,ltd
Province: Zhejiang
Country: China
Address: 528 Huangjiao Raod,Huangyan,Zhejiang,China
Website: http://www.chinajinma.com/