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Colorful Outdoor Inflatable Hot Air Balloon For Tourism , Hot Air Balloon Flights

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Colorful Outdoor Inflatable Games Hot - Air Balloon For Tourism


Structure of hot air balloon

Hot air balloon, more strictly speaking should be called to seal the balloon, balloon is composed of three parts, the hanging basket and the heating device. The ball is made of reinforced nylon (some hot air balloons are made of polyester). Although its quality is very light, but it is very strong, the balloon is airtight.
The volume of standard hot air balloon is divided into several levels: seven ball volume of 2000-- 2400 cubic meters, eight cubic meters, cubic meters, nine cubic meters, ten cubic meters, 2300 cubic meters of 4000--6000 cubic meters.

Hanging basket
Basket by cane preparation and (in our country most of the Southeast Asian imports of materials), landing can play a role in mitigating the impact. Basket four corners placed four hot air balloon dedicated liquefied gas cylinders, meter, thermometer is also arranged in a basket, altimeter, a lifting table flight instruments.
Altimeter: height indicator; lifting speed table: display rates of rise and decline; thermometer: indicates the balloon in the air temperature.
The burner is the heart of a hot air balloon. It is 150 times larger than the average household gas furnace. The ignition burner is the main burner. Always keep the fire, even if the wind blow, will not extinguish. In addition, there are two combustion systems on the hot air balloon to prevent the failure of the air.
The balloon is usually used in fuel propane or liquefied gas, gas bottle is fixed in the basket. A hot air balloon can carry 20 kilograms of liquid fuel. When the fire is lit, the flame has a 2-3 meter high and a huge sound.
Hot air balloon is not really "driving", it is the wind. However, due to the different height of the wind in a different direction and speed, the driver can choose the appropriate height in the direction of flight.

Hot air balloon Piaofei speed of fast and slow, is determined by the speed of the wind speed, because the hot air balloon itself has no power system, flight speed depends on the wind speed. Hot air balloon maximum fall speed of 6 m / s, the maximum rise rate of 5 m / s.

Best flight time
The best time to fly a hot air balloon is the best time for a hot air balloon to fly one or two hours before the sun rises.
Flying time
In a hot air balloon usually carry enough liquefied petroleum gas or propane can continue to fly for two hours, but some factors also affect flight hold time. For example: air temperature, wind speed and the basket weight (including passengers) and in the day of the flight of the specific time.

Hot air balloon restitution requires the help of ground crew, ground crew to drive a truck or van to follow Piaofei balloon, arrived in advance landing point. A hot air balloon Piaofei need 3 to 4 ground crew and ground radio equipment service, to ensure flight safety and success.
The best time to fly a hot air balloon is the best time of the day when the sun rises or the sun goes down one or two hours before the sun goes down. High winds, fog is not conducive to the flight of hot air balloon. According to the regulations, the wind speed is less than 6 m / s, visibility is greater than 1.5 km, and the flight airspace without precipitation, it can be free to fly.
30 m x 30 meters of flat ground, surrounded by no wires and tall buildings. The new student is advised to fly in the 4 m / s of weather conditions, flying in the air, flying high, tall buildings, livestock farms, villages, and keep safe.
It is best to wear cotton one-piece flight suit, passengers also recommended to wear cotton clothing, wearing a cotton hat, once the fire will not stick in the body.

Take off
Piaofei balloon need a group of people together, because hot air balloon on the ground work is very tedious and make a hot-air balloon took off at least four. First is the balloon began to spread, then it and placed on the side of the basket are connected together, with a small blower, blow the air into the balloon, the balloon a little expansion, when fully extended, at the beginning of the ignition. Will fire heating balloon balloon in the air, hot air balloons rise to vertical to the position of the nacelle, coupled with a few of the fire balloon can take off.
The power of the hot air balloon is the burner, without the rudder, its movement direction must be the wind. Different heights, different time, different locations, the wind direction is not the same, want to adjust the direction of the need to find a different wind layer. The rise and fall of the hot air balloon with the ball inside the temperature, the ball inside the temperature is high, the balloon gravity decreases, less than the buoyancy, the balloon rises, the ball inside the air temperature drops, the sphere produced by the buoyancy is less than the weight and weight of the sphere, the balloon began to fall.



1.Our inflatable goods are packed in separate bags to keep clean and tidy.  2.Customized shipping mark, logo, hangtag and outer artworks can be achieved for customers.  3. Packing Material: Strong PVC bag / carton / wooden.
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