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Zhangzhou Pingxin Wood & Babmoo Co., Limited

Zhangzhou Pingxin Wood & Babmoo Co., Limited

About Us

Zhangzhou Pingxin Wood & Babmoo Co., Limited is one of top 3 biggest group and leader manufacturer of Wood and Bamboo Products which established in 2008 of a registered capital of 100000 CNY. The registered number is 350624100012462 under Mr. Zhang Jianshi.
Our factory plant of Bamboo established as Jinmao Bamboo Limited Company of Jian'ou  at July, 2010 in Jian’ou city , Jian’ou is very famous city of abundant Phyllostachys pubescens mao bamboo strand material with a capable of 3000CBM per month .
Our bamboo factory plant is capture an area of 4000 square meters, and we currently have professional and technical personne 135 peoples. And total personnel of 150 peoples.
Our bamboo factory plant achieved ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI certification,  CE certification, FSC certification, and according to these standards we strictly to supply our clients bamboo products at high quality.
Our capacity of Bamboo Panels monthly is about 700 CBM, including bamboo plank / bamboo plywood / 3-ply bamboo panel / bamboo board / bamboo furniture plank /  bamboo door plank / bamboo veneer , bamboo woven veneer, bamboo lumber, strand woven bamboo flooring ...
Bamboo panels features is:
Strand:100% Natural Mao Bamboo  5-8 years growth.
Pressing: Under 90 degree Hot Pressing.
Grain: Horizontal or Vertical pressed.
Structural:  Horizontal Pressed, Vertical Pressed, Cross Horizontal and Vertical Pressed, Cross Vertical and Vertical Pressed , 3-layers Cross Pressed )
Color: Natural or Carbonized
Length: 1000mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm, 2550mm , 3050mm up to 5000mm.
Width: 20mm to 1250mm
Thick: 1.5 mm to 180mm

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Company info

Company Name: Zhangzhou Pingxin Wood & Babmoo Co., Limited
Country: China
Website: http://www.chinabamboopanels.com/