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Fry pan

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Fry pan

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  • Sizecm)



    Internal and external coating Color andBrand

    Bottom of the pot








    According to customer's needs or our design

    induction cooker or Gas

    customary or colour packing





    Our company focuses on produceing 4 kinds of non-stick pan :sauce pan,sauce pot,fry pan and wok pan.The pans are in good style and are compatible for many appliances.The body has excellent performance in sealing ,which can accelerate the thermal convection and form semi-vacuum formation in the body,that will steady heat the food quickly, reduce the loss of nutrition and water to keep the food fresh.It will get you rid of smell of cooking, keep the kitchen clean and protect the lungs's healthy.Besides ,the non-stick pan has sturdy ,reliable interior nonstick coating,that can be resistant to alkalis, salts and other chemical substances. Most of all,the non-stick pan are excellent in heat stability and antistick,so it is easy to clean.

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