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Mianyang Prochema Commercial Co.,Ltd.&GUS Industry (Hongkong) Co,.limited

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Address: Miangyang

Contact name:Michael zhang

Mianyang Prochema Commercial Co.,Ltd.&GUS Industry (Hongkong) Co,.limited

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Mianyang Prochema commercial co,.ltd  is Located in the China Technology city,MIANYANG city .Built in 2004.  And our branch company GUS industry (Hongkong) CO.limited built in 2010 too.

The company specializes in fused fluoro plastics formed-processing.We have many senior teachnicians who master superb technique and capable workes with general skill. With general skill. With their hard work,the company developed rapidly and enjoged high requtation.our pro ducts have sold well domestically as well as approached international market.

Main products are: fluorinated ethylene propylene(FEP), perfluoroalkxy(PFA), polychlorotrifluoroethylene(PCTFE),polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF),ethylenetetra fluoroethyliene copolymer(ETFE)steel sheet,tubular product,bar,welding rod special shaped product and polgtetratluoroethy lene(PTFE) tubuar product,bar,steel sheet.thin film,linoleum , PVDF PIEZO film , Perfluorinated ion exchange membrane ,PEEK products and so on.

We always insist on our purpose “Homesty is foundation,credit is gold”,Develop better and service better, and will provide quality prouct and first-rate service for you at any time.Please contact us whenever it is necessary.




E     M    AIL      zchmichael     at   163 .    com 

China ETFE tube, Ethylene / TFE (ETFE) Copolymer Tube

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Company Name: Mianyang Prochema Commercial Co.,Ltd.&GUS Industry (Hongkong) Co,.limited
Country: china
Address: Miangyang