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Professional factory manufacture graphite oilless bearing,plain bearing,copper bush

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Nanling Yifang Zhijia manufacture factory

Professional factory manufacture graphite oilless bearing,plain bearing,copper bush

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Product Details

Professional factory manufacture graphite oilless bearing,plain bearing,copper bush

Copper bush,oilless bearing ,copper sleeve, steel sleeve,sliding bearing and mosaic series bushing, axle bush choice for ZhiJia Bearing Manufacture Factory who focus on the slide bearing more than 8 years.

Product Description

Copper bush Specification

JDB-1 solidmosaic bearing is on the high-strength brass base, inlaidgraphite or MoS2 solidlubricants a high performance of solid lubricant.It broke through the general bearing rely on oil film lubrication limitations.During use, heat through frictionwith the shaft friction of solid lubricants, forming oil, lubrication powdercoexist excellent condition, both to protect the shaft is not worn, and the solid lubrication characteristics eternity. Its hardness twice as high than the average copper sleeve, wear resistance is alsotwice as high


JDB-2 graphitesleeve is 6-6bronze inlaid bronzematrix, embedded graphite and MoS2 solid lubricants a solid lubricant.Since power density than bronze brass, so in high temperature and low load occasions, reflect verywear


After JDB-3graphite solid lubricating steel inlaid in thesteel jacket sleeve base body integrally sintered bronze powder embeddedsolid lubricant solid lubricationproducts, in addition to a function of JDB-2, but also save costs and increase the compressive strength. It can be used with the base end surface welding installation,


JDB-4 is based on cast iron HT250 mosaic bearing for the substrate embedded with solid lubricant, is a typical provincial wood products. If the pressure <14.5N / mm2 or mechanical performancerequirements are not high occasions,it can be used as JDB-2 material substitutes. Can greatly reduce costs and meet the requirements


JDB-5 steelbase self-lubricating bearings arereinforced products, with a high compression performance, under the circumstances at the time of discharge lubricating particles of graphite inlay work, so produce a membrane between the shaft and sleeve, played a ratio of monomer to oil lubricating anti-biteadvantages.


Copper bush Technical Parameters

Copper bush Application Feature

machine, the train bracket, rolling equipment, mining machinery, shipbuilding, gas turbines and other high-temperature, high-load, low-speed heavy and other occasions


JDB-2 graphiteinlaid bronze sleeve, it has been used fireplace doors, oven raceway, low-load, high temperature, the speed of the occasion rubber machinery, light industrial machinery, machine toolindustry.


JDB-3 graphitesteel inlaid solid lubricating bushings for metallurgical machinery, construction machinery and oilfield machinery mediumcan not refuel.


JDB-4 cast iron inlaid bearing, guide post of mold, injection molding machine mold and other fields


JDB-5 steelbase self-lubricating bearings, particularly adapted to the lifting machinerysupport site. Example: roll Graders support, crane support, etc., but should not be used in water or acid applications.



We are manufacture of many kinds of bearing !



Packaging & Shipping

Copper bush

Packaging Details: Standard export packing, or as customers' requirement.

Delivery Detail: 7-30days

Technical Process

Why US

1.we have 8 years technology experience, focus on the production of copper sleeve, steel sleeve, sliding bearing and mosaic series bushing, axle bush, product quality is reliable.

2.we are Alibaba contract cooperative partner ,the losses occurred in the process of trade by the Alibaba compensate pays first.We will give you enough sense of security.
3.automation and special machinery production and processing, to ensure the accuracy of the product, saving time and lower labor costs, making products with prices.
4.the number of domestic counterparts, the company jointly formed a large and ample supply base, reliable delivery capability, delivery is guaranteed.
5.support customers more successful as our team belief unremitting efforts, it is the most worthy of your own suppliers in China.
6.free latest offer price, authoritative technical advice, more products and services quickly contact us.


We believe that if you give us a chance , you will become a VIP!

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