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Yantai Lushun Huitong Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

Yantai Lushun Huitong Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

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Welcome to Yantai Lushun Huitong Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. We pride ourselves with supplying high quality food ingredients and chemical raw materials, outstanding customer service and competitive price. Our products are widely used in medicine, health care products, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and metallic mining chemicals. Our mission is to continue sourcing new and innovative ingredietns for the ever expanding nutritional industry and chemical products while focus on quality, purity and functionality.
Our business covers over varietay of products encompassing pea protein,pea fiber, metalic mining chemicals,plastic additives,dibasic acid, etc.
We specialized in the production and sales of pea protein with rich exporting experience. Our pea protein is derived from non-GMO Canadian yellow peas and go through a unique pure biological seperation method. This unique method allows us to create a good quality and some functionalities like gluten-free, no soya, allergen-free, cholesterol-free. We responds our consumer demands for healthy, GMO free ingredients for bakery foods, nutritinal bars, weight control producs, bevergae, milk and so on.
Morover,we are one of the leading manufacturer of mining chemical in China. The company provides xanthate series, dithiophosphate series, sulfur and nitrogen series, foaming agent series, regulator series and other high quality conventional products, dedicated reagents for gold, silver, lead, cooper, zinc, sulfur, and other different elements, and the highly efficient reagents for the ores that are difficult to beneficiate, such as high-carbon, high-arsenic, high-sulfur, high-oxidation, poor, complex and fine ores.And, we also the long-chain dicarboxylic acids series products ,which is important high-grade raw materials for fine chemicals with extensive uses. They are main materials for synthesizing special products such as high-grade nylon engineering plastic, high-grade fragrance, high-grade melt adhesives, high-temperature electrolyte, high-grade lubricant oil, high-grade oil paint and coating, cold endurance plasticizer, which are widely applied in chemical industry, light industry, pesticide feild, medicine industry, liquid crystal materials, military industry, aviation, aerospace ect. Feilds.
We believe Lushun Huitong are not only a producer but also a seller. Moreover, we are a common development partner with our clients. Under the premise of supplying high quality products to our customers, we are committed to the market segmentation study ,market exploration and analysis of problem exsited in the market . In order to assit our clients explore market well, we will always believe that ensuring the customer’s long-term profitability is the foudation of our development.   

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Company Name: Yantai Lushun Huitong Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Country: China
Website: http://www.chemicalauxiliaryagent.com/