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Waterproof PP Fume Hood With Porcelain White PP Countertops and Exhaust System

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Waterproof PP Fume Hood With Porcelain White PP Countertops and Exhaust System

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Waterproof PP Fume Hood With Porcelain White PP Countertops and Exhaust System



Fume hoods are large equipment in laboratories, especially chemical laboratories. The purpose is to reduce the exposure of the experimenter and harmful gases. Complete isolation requires the use of a glove box. The fume hood is the primary barrier to protect personnel from toxic chemical fumes. It can be used as an important safety backup device, such as the failure of chemical experiments, the discharge of harmful gases when chemical fumes, dust and toxic gases are generated, and the protection of workers and the laboratory environment.


Common Type:

1.General purpose: Suitable for general chemical laboratories.

2.Non-pipe type: Built-in high-efficiency activated carbon filter that can be discharged directly into the room.

3.Wind supplement type: Replenish air from the outside to reduce the load on the laboratory air conditioner.

4.Conjoined type: Expand the experimental space to provide convenience for large instruments.

5.Desktop: Fume hood mounted on the bench

6.Two-sided type: They can be operated from both sides

7.Floor type: They is suitable for large experimental devices



NamePP Fume Hood
Main Material8mm Porcelain White Polypropylene Board
Countertop12mm Polypropylene Top, 12.7mm Phenolic Resin Top, 19mm Expoxy Resin Top, 20mm Ceramic Top
HandlePolypropylene Handle
HingePolypropylene Hinge
Sash5mm Thickness Tempered Glass
AccessoriesPP Sink, Water Tap, Single Eye Wash, PP Peg Board
WarrantyOne Year


Compared of Laboratory Countertop:

MaterialPhenolic ResinEpoxy ResinCeramic
ComponentKraft PaperQuartz SandKaolin
ColourNormal Fifteen ColourBlack and GrayBlack,Lvory White and Apple Green
Thickness12.7mm, 19mm,25mm16mm,19mm20mm
High Temperature Resistance135°C400°C1200°C
Feature149 Chemical Reagents ResistanceVerious Chemical Reagents ResistanceMajority Chemical Reagents Resistance and Organic Solvents
Avoid ReagentsHave a Flaw In 98% Sulfuric AcidHave a Flaw In 98% Sulfuric AcidHave a Flaw In 48% Hydrofluoric Acid
Test Reagents16 Hours16 Hours16 Hours
Test Methods

1.For non-volatile drugs, drop the drug directly onto the countertop.


2.For volatile drugs, use a cotton wool to saturate the drug and contact it with a countertop. Cover with a visible glass or a wide-mouth bottle.


3.The above drugs were placed on the table at room temperature of 25 degrees. After 16 hours, the table was washed with soap and water, and dried for inspection.



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