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Cas 471-34-1 Nano Calcium Carbonate Powder 97% Purity 60 - 80 Nm Particle Size

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Address: 2/F-4/Bld Colorful Palace, No.605 Changsha Ave, Yuhua Area 410129 Changsha Hunan China.

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Changsha Easchem Co., Limited

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Cas 471-34-1 Nano Calcium Carbonate Powder 97% Purity 60 - 80 Nm Particle Size

Country/Region china
City & Province changsha hunan
Categories Adsorbents

Product Details

Super fine Cas 471-34-1 Nano Calcium Carbonate powder Purity 97% 60-80 nm for plastics

Product function: the surface of activated nanometer calcium carbonate is specially treated with special activator, which is compatible with resin, and can effectively improve the material's fluidity, smoothness and bending strength.Reduce melt index and system viscosity, improve processing performance;Improve the rheological property, dimension stability, heat resistance and aging resistance of products;In on the material increased at the same time can maintain its toughness, and partly replace expensive white, fluorescent whitening agent, weather, white carbon black and other fillers and additives, greatly reducing the amount of resin, reduce production cost, improve market competitiveness.


Application: 1. It is used for the production and processing of PP and PE special masterbatch for drawing, plastic injection, bidirectional tensile film, etc., with the addition proportion reaching over 50%;2. Used for PVC profiles and pipe materials;Wire and cable outer skin colloidal particles;3. Used in the production and manufacture of soft plastic (PVC calender film).

Certificate of Analysis


Crystal FormCubicConform
CaCO3 %≥95.0%96.53%
Whiteness %≥90.0%92.0%
Other Index
MgCO3 (%)≤1.41.16
Oil Absorption (g/100g)≤2721.75
Bulk density≤0.500.3815
Acid-insoluble substanceRegularConform
Particle size nm<10060-80


Introduction Of Us

Changsha Easchem, subsidary to Easchem Industrial Corporation(EASCHEM as abbrevation), is located in Changsha city Hunan province, the Centre Area of China with abundant natural resources of Lead, Zinc, Tellurium, Antimony and Manganese Mine Materials.

We are the company mainly handling in import&export business, domestic chemical distribution & storage under Group. Our mission is focusing on our customers' market challenges and needs, providing good quality products, services and solutions to consistently create maximum values. We make full use of local and Group’s advantageous resources and self broad international business perspectives, existing with efforts in providing good trade and distributing services to customers at home and abroad; We have established long-term business relationships with main suppliers and clients as either qualified sales agent or sourcing partner in China and many other countries like Japan, Korea, India, Europe, USA, Brazil etc.

We sincerely welcome friends from worldwide, let's work together to find common ground for business based on equality, mutual respect and benefits.

Our Services

The Reason for you to choose EASCHEM:
1,Among TOP 100 Chemical Marketing Enterprises in China
2,Wholly owned production plants for Rare Earth, Plant Extract and Electronic Chemicals
3,Sales to more than 80 countries
4,more than 500 products with competitive price
5,Good Quality products, complying with Industry Standard.
6,50Grams to 1KGs sample,1--5mt LCL, FCL, Long Contract, Year Contract
7,ISO 9001-9002 certified


1. What's your payment terms?
T/T AD or Irrevocable L/C.
2. What's your delivery time?
Usually we will arrange the shipment within 7 to 15 days.
3. How about the packing?
Usually we provide the packing as 50 kg Iron Drum or Paper Drum,if you have special requirements on them, we will according to you.
4. How about the validity of the products?
According to the products you ordered.
5. What documents you provide?
Usually, we provide Commerical Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA , and Origin certificate. If your markets have any special requirements, let us know.
6. What is loading port?
Usually is Shanghai,Ningbo, Guangzhou or Shenzhen.

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