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Cas 7440-66-6 Zinc Ingot / Powder 420ºC Melting Point For Anti Corrosive Area

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Cas 7440-66-6 Zinc Ingot / Powder 420ºC Melting Point For Anti Corrosive Area

Country/Region china
City & Province changsha hunan
Categories Leather Chemicals

Product Details

High Purity Metals Zinc Ingot Zinc Powder with cas no 7440-66-6 for anti corrosive area
CAS Number:7440-66-6
Product Name: Zinc Metal
Synonyms:Poster Color Deep Blue; Zinc Coating Quality Balzers; Zinc Dust; Zinc Metal; Zinc Metal Foil; Zinc Powder; Zincdust; Zincingot; Zinclump; Zincneedles; Zincpellets; Zincpowder; Zincpowdernmesh; 12793-53-2; 195161-85-4; 30zn; Borateszinc Zinc; C.i.pigmentblack16; asarco L 15; blue Powder; c.i. 77945; c.i. Pigment Black 16; c.i. Pigment Metal 6; ecka 4; electrowinningzinc Zinc; emanay Zinc Dust; f 1000 (metal); f 2000 (metal); granular Zinc; leachingzinc Zinc; lead Refinery Vacuum Zinc; ls 2; ls 2 (element); ls 5 (metal); ls 6; merrillite; nc-zinc; nutrition,plantzinc Zinc; rheinzink; smeltingzinc Zinc; uf (metal); zinc (dust Or Fume); zinc (fume Or Dust); zinc (metallic); zinc Ash; zinc Ashes (un 1435) (dot); zinc Dust; zinc Dust (dot); zinc Powder; zinc Powder (dot); zinc Powder-distillation Method; zinc Power; zinc(0); zinc, Elemental; zink; zn; zn(0); zn(ii)
Molecular Formula Zn
Molecular Weight 65.409
InChI 1/Zn
EINECS 231-175-3
Physical Data
Appearance Silver Or Blueish-white Foil Or Powder
Density 7.14 g/mL at 25 ºC
Melting Point 420ºC
The chemical properties of zinc are similar to that of aluminum, so it is usually possible to deduce the chemical properties of zinc (bisexual) by the properties of aluminum.
1, the elemental zinc can react with the acid and can react with the alkali.
2, Zinc Oxide and zinc hydroxide, both acid soluble and alkali soluble.
Production method
The iron sphalerite or sphalerite is calcined into Zinc Oxide in the air and then reduced by carbon (lower purity).
Or mixing Zinc Oxide with coke and heating 1373K~1573K in a blast furnace to make zinc distilled out (purity about 98%);
Or by sulfuric acid leaching into zinc sulfate, controlled by PH, the zinc dissolution of zinc sulfate and iron impurities such as arsenic and antimony hydrolysis precipitation into the leaching slag, adding zinc powder to remove impurities such as copper and cadmium in the filtrate, and electrolytic zinc deposition, which produced high purity zinc (about 99.99%);
Co ≤0.01
Ag ≤0.01
Cu ≤0.01
Al ≤0.01
Ca ≤0.01
Mg ≤0.01
Ni ≤0.05
Pb ≤0.1
Sn ≤0.1
Au /
Fe ≤0.01
Mn /
In /
As ≤0.2




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