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Inorganic Red Pigment Cerium Sulfide Powder 98% Purity 344.37 Molecular Weight

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Inorganic Red Pigment Cerium Sulfide Powder 98% Purity 344.37 Molecular Weight

Country/Region china
City & Province changsha hunan
Categories Carbon Black

Product Details

Inorganic Red Pigment Rare Earth Materials Cerium Sulfide Powder Cas No 12014-93-6 98 % Min
Usage:Used as inorganic red pigment.
Synonym Names: Cerium Sulphide; Dicerium trisulphide; Red Cerium Sulphide; C.I.772830; C.I. 77283:1; C.I. Pigment Orange 75; C.I. Pigment Orange 78; C.I.Pigment Red 265; C.I. Pigment Red 275; Cerium sesquisulfide; Cerium(3+)sulfide; Cerium(III) sulfide; Dicerium trisulfide; Pigment Orange 75; PigmentOrange 78; Pigment Red 265; Pigment Red 275
Packing:10KGs,25KGs Drum
Certificate Of Analysis
AppearanceBlack PowderBlack Powder
Purity %>95.0%Conform
Ce %>74.0%Conform
S %>24.0%Conform
Impurities (%, Max)
Other Index
Particle size D50 um7±1Conform



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