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65ZJL - A30 Vertical Submersible Pump Centrifugal Pump For Mining / Coal / Chemical

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65ZJL - A30 Vertical Submersible Pump Centrifugal Pump For Mining / Coal / Chemical

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Product Details

65ZJL - A30 Vertical Submersible Pump Centrifugal Pump For Mining / Coal / Chemical

Vertical slurry pump main features:

The 65ZJL - A30 Vertical Submersible Pump Centrifugal Pump is a new generation of high-efficiency wear-resistant and energy-saving vertical slurry pump developed by our company. This series adopts the international advanced solid-liquid two-phase flow theory and is designed according to the principle of minimum loss. The shape conforms to the flow state of the medium, reduces the turbulence and impact to be local and along the hydraulic loss, thereby reducing the wear of the overcurrent components, improving the hydraulic efficiency, reducing the running noise and vibration, and the series of pump overcurrent components are high. It is made of hard high-chromium alloy with high anti-wear, anti-corrosion and impact properties, which makes it have a long life.


The 65ZJL - A30 Vertical Submersible Pump Centrifugal Pump is generally immersed in the tank or in the pit, and does not require any shaft seal and shaft seal water. The submerged pump of the extended shaft series can be used for working conditions with deep liquid level.

Type meaning
65ZJL - A30
65---------------pump Discharge Size (mm)
ZJ---------------slurry Pump
L ---------------Vertical Slurry Pump 
---------------Number of Vanes is five 
30 -------------Impeller Diameter  

Model65ZJL - A30
Allowable Max.Power18.5 kw

 Particle Max. Size Handled Occasionally


Quality control system

Inspection and Detection:
With various inspection and detection instruments ,like three-coordinate measuring instrument ,metallographic microscope, direct reading spectrometer ,Brinell hardness meter ,Vickers hardness meter, carbon and sulfur analyzer and other detection equipment,we can carry on the chemical composition analysis ,physical properties test ,coordinate measurement for various steel&steel materials
Complete pump set inspection:
We have performance testing platform for each batch pump inspection before delivery
Quality control system for each set pump:
Purchasing1. Strict rules and procedures to choose the raw material supplier
2. Each batch raw material will be tested by quality control department
Casting1 .Melting:Chemical element analysis for raw material before and after stove .
2. Moulding :Strict sand moulding qualified before iron liquid pouring for casting
3. Cleaning semi-finished parts sand :Strict inspection on the appearance and size qualified before storage.
Machining1.Self -inspection and inspection between different steps.
2.First part inspection
3.Procedures inspection
4..Inspection before storage the mining AH slurry pumps
Assembling1.Inspector tracks the whole process of assembly of slurry pumps
2.Slurry Pump pressure inspection and fillout the testing table
3.Painting inspection
4.Performance testing and fillout the testing table
5.Packing inspection of slurry pump
6.Issue quality certificate




Performance Chart 

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