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150mm Discharge Light Model Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump Low Abrasive For Coal

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150mm Discharge Light Model Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump Low Abrasive For Coal

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Product Details

150mm Discharge Light Model Low Abrasive Horizontal Slurry Pump For Coal

Product overview for 150E-L model slurry pump


Structure: The L-type light slurry pump is a cantilever. The discharge position of the horizontal double-shell axial suction centrifugal slurry pump can be installed at 45 °C intervals and rotated at eight different angles.


Material: The pump body of the L-type light slurry pump has a replaceable wear-resistant metal lining. The over-flow parts such as impeller, sheath and guard plate are made of wear-resistant metal.


Use: Compared with heavy-duty slurry pump, the pump has high speed, small volume and light weight, and is suitable for conveying fine particles. The weight concentration of low-concentration slurry or corrosive slurry conveying slurry is generally not more than 30%. It can be used to transport high concentration and low abrasive slurry.


Sealing form: The shaft seal of the pump can be sealed by packing, auxiliary impeller seal, packing plus auxiliary impeller seal, mechanical seal and so on.


Transmission type: DC direct transmission, CR parallel belt drive, ZVZ upper and lower belt drive, CV vertical belt drive and other types.

Type meaning of 150E-L model slurry pump

Type meaning for 150E-L model slurry pump


150Discharge Diameter (mm)
ESupport Type
LLight Model Low abrasion slurry pump
RNatural Rubber Liner




Allowable Max.Power120kw
Capacity115 - 568.8m³/h
Head10.5 - 51.8m
Speed800 - 1500r/min
NPSH2.5 - 6m


Quality control for 300S-L model slurry pump

Inspection Equipment
1. Inspection and Detection
With various inspection and detection instruments ,like three-coordinate measuring instrument ,metallographic microscope, direct reading spectrometer ,Brinell hardness meter ,Vickers hardness meter, carbon and sulfur analyzer and other detection equipment,we can carry on the chemical composition analysis ,physical properties test ,coordinate measurement for various steel&steel materials
Complete pump set inspection
We have performance testing platform for each batch pump inspection before delivery
Quality control system for each set slurry pump


        Purchasing raw material


1. Strict rules and procedures to choose the raw material supplier
2. Each batch raw material will be tested by quality control department

C          casting of parts



1 .Melting:Chemical element analysis for raw material before and after stove .
2.Moulding :Strict sand moulding qualified before iron liquid pouring for casting
3. Cleaning semi-finished parts sand :Strict inspection on the appearance and size qualified before storage.

      Machining of
        slurry pump

1. Self -inspection and inspection between different steps.
2. First part inspection
3. Procedures inspection
4..Inspection before storage the mining AH slurry pumps

              Assembling of

sl           slurry  pump

1. Inspector tracks the whole process of assembly of slurry pumps
2. Slurry Pump pressure inspection and fillout the testing table
3. Painting inspection
4. Performance testing and fillout the testing table
5. Packing inspection of slurry pump
6. Issue quality certificate


Performance Chart


20 A-L7.52.34-10.86-371400-3000303.5-84152.4-Ball mill discharge
50 B-L1516.2-769-441400-2800553.5-85190-Coarse tailings
75 C-L3018-1514-45900-240057 4229-Rod mill discharge
100 D-L6050-2527-46800-180060 4305-Coal washing
150 E-L120115-48612-51.5800-150065 4381-Wet crushers
200 E-L120234-9109.5-40600-110064 4457-Phosphate matrix
250 F-L120396-1425 500-80077 5550-Minerals concentrate
300 S-L560468-25388-60400-95079 5653-Lime grinding
350 S-L560650-280010-59400-84081 5736-FGD waste water
400 ST-L560720-33127-51300-70080 5825-Flotation
450 ST-L5601008-43569-48300-60080 5933-Process chemical
550 TU-L12001980-790010-50250-47586 51213-Pulp and paper


Selection & Performance Chart


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