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Gold Leaf Ceiling PVC Panels , Plastic Ceiling Panels Easy To Connect

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Gold Leaf Ceiling PVC Panels , Plastic Ceiling Panels Easy To Connect

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Gold Leaf Ceiling PVC Panels , Plastic Ceiling Panels Easy To Connect


• Due to the PVC composition, and the construction of the panels with additional strengthening cross members, PVC Ceiling & Wall panels are rigid and strong; however they are lighter, less thick therefore space saving, and easier to handle than traditional PVC Ceiling & Wall panels or wood core equivalent panels.

• PVC Ceiling & Wall panels offer additional benefits such as being considerably easier to install, hygienic, fully waterproof material construction, and class B1 fire rating for commercial and domestic use.

• PVC Ceiling & Wall panels are for internal use only.


What About The Size of PVC Panel?






Thickness ShapeLengthPackageOuter packing
25cm7mmMiddle Grooveas you need10pcs/pack PE bag

 1. pvc panels can be pasted on to the wall or affixed using hidden nails or staples.


 2. pvc panels offer high-impact resistance and are colour fast as they are made from completely solid panels.


 3. pvc panels are 100% waterproof so they can be fitted in wet rooms without any problems.


 4. Once in place, your wall will exude the natural charm of a genuine tiled wall. The authentic built-in grout line can be seen and felt, but you will no longer have to deal with dirty or crumbling grouting.


 5. pvc panel can be cut to size with a normal saw if necessary and are quickly installed.


What Is the Benefits of PVC Panel?

(1) Water Resistant: PVC panels are very popular in the bathroom and kitchen areas as they are water-repellent and mould resistant. It can also be used all over the house.


(2) Budget-friendly: It is far more economical as compared to wood, paint, tiles and wall papers.


(3) Hygienic: PVC panels provide a very clean and hygienic for wall and ceiling decoration. Once installed, there is no grout to go dirty. PVC is mould-repellent and not a suitable material for bacterial growth.


(4) Low maintenance: PVC panels require only a low maintenance , and when you want to clean them , it does not take you long. Due to the smooth surface of the panels, dirt does not gather in pores or cracks. A simple cloth will do to clean the surface. Do not use chlorinates or abrasive agents.


(5) Recyclable: PVC panels are 100% recyclable. They can be taken to any plastic recycling center. NO further finishing or care required after installation - no paint , no lack, no varnish.


How To Install PVC Panel?

1) For a perfect finish we recommended using our finishing trims. Trims are used at the start and end of panel runs, and on any corners. We recommend that 2-part finishing trims are used, in which case the back part of all trims should be fixed first.

2) Working from left to right, measure and cut the first panel to the correct length. Boards can be cut with a tenon saw, a jigsaw or a fine toothed hand saw.

3) Fix in position using a plumb line or spirit level to ensure that this first length is perfectly vertical. If you are using nails, screws or staples, fix through the lip at the back edge of the board so that the fixings are hidden when the next board is pushed into place.

4) If fixing in a shower cubicle apply bathroom grade silicone (apply a bead of sealant vertically along the back leg of the panel that you have fixed).

5) Push the next panel into position and fix as before.

6) Once all panels have been fixed, fit the front section of the two-part trims to finish the installation.


How to Store the PVC Panel?

1) Store Flat.

2) No specific handling requirements.

3) Outer cartons – beware of heavy weight. 2 persons required to handle.

4) Protect edges and decorative surface from damage during handling


Why Choose Our PVC Panel?

1. Prompt reply by email or other chat tools

2. Other thickness & size also available on request

3. Free samples for your reference

4. Flexible terms of payment (T/T,L/C and so on are all accepted)

5. Excellent after-sale service

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