Embeded Mounting Dimmable LED Panel Light 3000K 5400lm Energy Saving For Shops

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Embeded Mounting Dimmable LED Panel Light 3000K 5400lm Energy Saving For Shops

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620x620mm 54w Dali Push Dimmable LED Panel Light Embeded Mounting 100 lm/w 5400lm 3000K aluminum white Shop





  • Digital dimming, free group control, no interference to each other infinite quantity in theory, free dimming
  • Flicker free
  • Using the terminals (PC, Pad, APP, etc) to monitor the entire lighting system, two-way communication



  • Rewiring is necessary, increasing labor cost
  • Needs Dali protocol property, cost is high


Applicable to:

  • Large-sized high-end offices
  • Color rendering needs terminal centralized monitoring
  • Dimming can also be done through wall mounted on/off switch by long pushing

Quick Info:

1. Energy-efficient:Save 80% energy more than incandescent lamp.

2. Environmentally friendly:No any mercury and radiation like ultraviolet radiation and infrared light,ect.

3. Quick response,no flickering,no buzzing noise,instant soft start,and low heat.

4. Customized products are available according to your requirements.

5. Certificates: TUV GS, TUV CE (LVD, EMC), RoHS, ERP, UL, DLC 4.0, FCC, SAA, C-Tick
6. Warranty: 5 years
7. Lifespan: 50,000hrs


Core Competences:
---4-side lighting, to keep temperature low and slow down lumen decay
---0.5w/LED working at 37% load to prolong lifespan
---flic driver, robust quality components for LED driver to ensure 5 years warranty
---PMMA (acrylic) LGP (light guide plate) to make sure high light transmittance, uniform light and long-lasting smooth lighting effect, light will not become yellowish over time
---no light leakage, no worms can get in the lamp


ItemLED Panel 620*620mm (62x62cm)
Dimension620x620x10 mm (LxWxH)
Power Consumption54W
Lumen Output5400 lm
Luminous Efficacy100 lm/w
CCT3000K/ 4000K/ 5000K/ 6000K
Packing Size(mm)Qty/Inner Box1 piece
Qty/Outer Carton5 pcs
Outer Carton Size (mm)682*245*732
Container Loading
without pallet
Container Loading
with pallet, pallet size
20GP (8 pallets)720  pcs
40GP (18 pallets)1620pcs
40HQ (18 pallets)1920pcs

Application Areas:
For commercial, residential and industrial places, for decoraction and lighting purpose, e.g. home, office, conference room, library, hotel, restaurant, hospital, school, airport, shopping center, bakery, shop, factory, workshop, etc.

Comparison with others:



Why us?Why not others?

1.Supplied by Kinglight - Top 3 LED packaging manufacturer in China,

equipped with world-advanced 800 LED packaging auto lines, high quality chip

2. 99.99% golden wire in led chip and copper holder to make the LEDs, gold has the best ductility, won't break when heat changes

3. Long lifespan, slow light decay, LM 80 approved

4. Our LED load is about 37%, very low, to prolong life span, lumen maintenance is high over time

for example, for panel 40W, 1000mA,

---use 204pcs 4014 SMD LEDs,0.5w/LED

If=160mA (forward current).12 Serial, 17 Parallel, 

I =1000mA/17=58.8mA,

LED working load is 58.8/160=37%

1. Supplied by small LED packaging factory or big factory for low end market who use cheap chips which are not famous brand

2. Use alloy wire and iron holder to make LEDs, alloy has poor ductility, may get broken when heat changes, which makes LED defective

3. Short lifespan, fast light decay.

4. LED load is 63~104%, fast lumen decay.

for example, for panel 40w, 1000mA

---use 120pcs 2835 LEDs, 0.5w/LED

If=160mA (forward current), 12 Serial, 10 Parallel


LED working load=100/160=63%

---or use 192pcs 2835 LEDs 0.2w/LED

If=60mA (forward current), 12 serial16 parallel


LED working load is 62.5/60=104%

Remark: The way to test if the LEDs use copper holder or iron holder :

Use magnet, the LEDs which are on magnet use iron holder.



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