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Multiplexed TS UDP IP QAM Modulator 1 GE NMS CATV System Headend , MPEG2 MPEG4 Modulator

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Multiplexed TS UDP IP QAM Modulator 1 GE NMS CATV System Headend , MPEG2 MPEG4 Modulator

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Multiplexed TS UDP IP QAM Modulator 1 GE NMS CATV System Headend , MPEG2 MPEG4 Modulator


SFT308A Support multiplexed TS over UDP output QAM Modulator ,Support MPEG2/MPEG-4 re-multiplexing high integrated level and powerful performance 8 in1 IP Mux-QAM Modulator


Quick Detail:


Dual power supply (option)

1 GE input(RJ45interface) or SFP for each daughter module

Supports up to 256 channels TS over UDP, MPTS or SPTS

Supports unicast and multicast, supports IGMP v2v3

Max 840Mbps for all input

Supports MPEG2/MPEG-4 re-multiplexing and MPTS/SPTS multiplexing

Supports accurate PCR adjusting

Supports PID filtering, remapping and PSI/SI editing

Supports up to 180 PIDS remapping per channel

Support multiplexed TS over UDP output

8adjacent QAM carriers output, compliant to DVB-C(EN300 429) and ITU-T J.83A/B/C

Supports symbol rate 5.0~9.0Msps, 1Ksps stepping

Supports constellation: 16QAM/32QAM/64QAM/128QAM/256QAM

Supports RS(204,188) encoding

RF output frequency range: 30~860Mhz, 1Khz stepping

RF output level: -16~0dbm(per QAM carrier), 0.5db stepping

Excellent RF performance, MER≥40db

Modular design,1U chassis support 3 modules , 4U chassis support 12 modules

 Support net management (NMS)





SFT308A 8 in1 IP Mux-QAM module is the latest generational QAM modulator with high integrated level and performance. The modular design of this device makes each of its daughter cards stand-alone when operating. Besides, each daughter card can receive the UDP format TS through GE port, furthermore, it supports up to 256 different input address (IP address and port No). This device is combined 8 multiplexers with 256 channels inputs and 8 QAM (DVB-C) modulators, which can output adjacent channel RF carrier(30M~860M)through the two RF output interface (4 carriers for each). Additionally, the 1 U chassis for this modulator supports up to 3 modules (24 channels QAM) while the 4U chassis supports up to 12 modules (96 channels QAM). This DX308A 8in1 IP QAM modulator has excellent integrated level, powerful performance and low cost, which is special adequate for the new generation CATV system.







1GE input,RJ45 interface or SFP

Transport protocol

TS over UDP, uni-cast and multicast, IGMP v2/v3

Transmission code

Max 108Mbps per channel

Max 840Mbps amount channels



Input channel


Output channel


Maximum PIDs

180 per channels


PID re-mapping( auto/manual optional)

PCR accurate adjusting

Automatic generating PSI/SI table

Modulator Parameters

QAM channel




DVB-C(EN300 429), ITU-T J.83A/B/C


Symbol rate

5.0~9.0Msps,1ksps stepping






RS(204, 188)


RF output


2 F type connectors


RF range

30~860MHz,1kHz stepping


Output level

-16dBm~0dBm(per QAM carrier),0.5dB stepping



≥ 40dB






Supporting NMS management









Power supply

AC 100V±10%,50/60Hz

AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz





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